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We have locations to serve you nation wide. So, no matter where you are located, we can arrange for a location near you to coordinate local pick up or delivery. Please contact us, and a friendly team members can arrange for your nearest location.

Concrete Block Supply is here to help you with all of your concrete block needs. We work with all kinds of businesses and individual homeowners.  We offer a quick and efficient way to purchase concrete blocks at a reasonable price point. Our goal is to offer friendly and efficient service and a quality product thought out the United States.

What are concrete blocks called in your area? The most unique thing about bin blocks is that each person and/or geographic location uses different names for them. The most popular names are bin blocks, mafia blocks, barrier blocks, large concrete blocks, interlocking v-blocks, lego blocks, ecology blocks, gravity wall blocks, waste blocks, storage wall blocks, bunker blocks, jumbo blocks and left-over concrete blocks. No matter what you call them, no matter where you are located, we can supply them for you with either delivery or local pick up.

Our Concrete Block Supply blocks have a variety of uses. They have been used for: aggregate storage bins, retaining walls, barriers to direct traffic and/ or parking, restricted access to property, tent anchor weights, dividing walls, building protection, utilities protection, barriers for propane tanks or other above ground fuel tanks, property line demarcation, and as a general use heavily weighted object. Concrete bin blocks are built in a way that they easily interlock with adjoining units, allowing for flexible configurations, using full, half, and corner blocks. These interlocking blocks make it possible to create material storage bins, retaining walls, landscaping features, and traffic barriers without any extra supplies to connect the blocks.

In many applications, bin blocks are a much more cost-effective substitute for highway or jersey barriers. These reasonably priced blocks can be used to divert or guide traffic. Weighing 3,600 lbs or 4,700 lbs, they are not something individuals can move easily by hand, making them a very effective solution to use with parking or other traffic problems. Concrete bin blocks are a semi-permanent solution to stopping unintended vehicles from areas you would like to protect.

A very popular use of Concrete Block Supply blocks is to use them to build retaining walls.  Since they are large blocks, a gigantic wall can be built easily. This type of retaining wall is called a gravity wall because they use their own weight and gravity to hold the soil behind them. It is recommended that the blocks are offset so that the joints do not line up, this will offer more strength to the structure.  Please note that these retaining wall blocks are poured with extra concrete, they are not perfectly finished, which is why we can offer them at a reasonable price point, unlike decorative blocks which can be much more expensive.  The large retaining wall blocks Concrete Block Supply provides are the most cost-effective way to build a retaining wall but they are not always the perfect fit for all applications. Please let us know if you have questions about concrete blocks being used for your retaining wall project.

We offer a few different configurations of blocks depending on where your job is located and what is needed for your project. The most readily available block style is what we call the V-wedge. This full sized V-wedge blocks is 6’ L x 2’ W x 2’ H (3,600 lbs). It has a V-wedge on the top and one side.  The bottom and other side have a reverse V-wedge so that the blocks can interlock.  There is a rebar handle loop on the top to be used for picking up the block. This block style can also be available in 4’ L x 2’ W x 2’ H (2,400 lbs) and 3’ L x 2’ W x 2’ H (1,800 lbs).  Thirteen full sized blocks can fit per flat bed delivery.  For best delivery price, order in multiples of thirteen blocks.

The other block style is what we call lego blocks. The full sized lego blocks are 5’ L x 2.5’ H x 2.5’ L (4,700 lbs) They have a two “lego” cylinders on top and two “holes” in the bottom for the blocks to interlock.  There is a rebar handle loop on the top to be used for picking up the block. This block style can also be available in 2.5’ H x 2.5’ L x 2.5’ H (2,350 lbs) Nine full sized blocks can fit per flat bed delivery.  For best delivery price, order in multiples of nine blocks.

Most of the Concrete Blocks Supply blocks that we have available have a plain (non-decorative) façade but at a few locations, we can offer some decorative façades.  The facades can vary between: slate, random rock, river rock, and brick.  Certain locations may offer one or more of these patterns, other locations may only offer the unfinished plain concrete bin blocks. Please reach out to a sales representative to find out what type of blocks are available in your area and which type is best for your particular project application.

Please give our friendly staff a call today to discuss your project and how Concrete Block Supply can serve you, wherever you are located nation wide, with all your concrete block project needs.