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Currently and regularly available for Tucson and surrounding areas, is a multicolored, v-block. This block provides the option of interlocking the blocks, if your project needs it. Equipped with a special v-wedge on the top and side of the block, and reverse v-wedge on the bottom and other side these blocks can smoothly connect together. In addition, on top of the block, a rebar handle loop can be used for efficiently picking up and maneuvering each block. These blocks come in two different sizes: the large block that measures to be 6’x2’x2’ and weighs 3,600lbs, and its half sized block measuring 3’x’2’x2’ and weighing 1,800lbs. On each flatbed trailer, thirteen full sized blocks and twenty-six half sized blocks can be fit. 

What are Our Blocks Used For? 

Not only do our blocks just have varying names, they also have a multitude of different, helpful uses as well. Some of the ways our blocks can be put to good use is using them for things such as: the creation of storage bins, controlling traffic, protection for fuel and propane tanks, storage for road districts, general weight, anchor weights, protection of utilities, property security, managing parking lots, and concrete retaining walls. There are many more possible uses for the handy blocks, but maybe you’ll find a brand new way to put these blocks to use! We would love to help you out with any of your concrete block needs.

What Methods of Transport do We Use? 

In regards to the receival of our blocks, we have the option of either delivery or pick up. When receiving the blocks via delivery, you must have equipment ready to unload the blocks off the trailer and onto the site. Luckily, there is no special rigging required for the unloading and movement of the blocks. Although, considering the fact the blocks will either weigh 3,600lbs or 1,800lbs, your machinery must be able to withstand picking up that type of weight. Also, the  typical truck bed is 5’ high and the blocks are 2’ high. So in order to properly move the blocks, your personal equipment must be able to reach a height of 7’+. To easily and efficiently maneuver the blocks, you can simply attach a chain to the rebar handle loop, located atop the block. If your site doesn’t have a space of 48’-53’ in order for the semi truck to exit, we can select another location to unload the blocks and use smaller equipment to move the blocks to the actual site. The other option of receival is through pick up. All you will need to do is 1) schedule a date and time to visit our facility and 2) bring your own straps and chains to securely fasten the blocks to the trailer bed. We will personally load the blocks onto the truck bed for you, so no need to worry about that portion of the pick-up process! Please feel free to give us a call! We would love to answer any questions, or respond to any concerns you have regarding either of these methods of transport. We believe that we can effectively help you with all of your concrete block supply and transportation needs.

In regards to our concrete block products, there are many helpful uses for each. Although there may be varying names, each proves to be handy in all sorts of projects. Some of the names we typically use in referral to our set of products are: waste blocks, mafia blocks, jumbo blocks, lego blocks, ecology blocks, soldier blocks, storage wall blocks, interlocking-v blocks, large concrete blocks, building blocks, gravity wall blocks, barrier blocks, bin blocks, stackable building blocks, left-over concrete blocks, and large concrete retaining wall blocks. If you are used to referring to your concrete blocks by another name that is not listed above, let us know and we can add it to our list!


Fun Facts

We love being able to provide exceptional service and supply to the city of Tucson and other surrounding areas. Therefore, we’d like to share some fun facts and information about your wonderful city.

  • The world’s largest, non-motorized parade is held in the city of Tucson.
  • Tucson has the third, cleanest city air in the nation, according to the American Lung Association.
  • Tucson was named one of the nations 20 Most Creative Cities by the Daily Beast in 2012.
  • In the Arizona State Museum, located on the University of Arizona campus, the world’s largest collection of Southwest Indian Pottery can be found.
  • Tucson didn’t start issuing driver’s licenses until 1905.


Are you in need of an easy way to obtain a supply of concrete blocks for a project in, or around, the area of Tucson, Arizona? Please give us a call at 520-535-0605 and we can discuss how we can help fulfill your needs!


Tucson, Arizona- “The Old Pueblo” 

Tucson, the second largest city in Arizona, is around 60 miles north from the Mexico-U.S border and 180 miles southeast of Phoenix. Tucson was originally founded as a military base in 1775 and was the first American city to be designated as a “City of Gastronomy” in 2017. Tucson is also home to the University of Arizona.

Not only do we provide for the large city of Tucson, we also gladly provide remarkable service and supply for other surrounding cities and towns such as: Oracle, Hacienda Los Encino, Saint David, Eloy, San Pedro, Pan Tak, Tumacacori, Sonoita, tubac, Pomerene, Picacho, Oracle Junction, Benson, Red Rock, Whetstone, Rillito, Tucson National Estates, Mountain View, Vail, Summit, Esmond, Tucson Estates, Tanque Verde, Corato, Casas Adobes, Drexel Heights, Orange Grove Estates, Kino, Flowing Wells, Florence, Pearce, Nogales, Sacaton, Willcox, Sells, Tombstone, Sierra Vista, Coolidge, San Manuel, Casa Grande, Mammoth, Huachuca, Patagonia, Safford, Paradise Valley, Naco, Superior, Gila Bend, Mesa, Gilbert, San Simon, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Queen Creek, and Tempe. If you cannot find the location of your project on this list, let us know and we can figure out how we can best help you! For more information, call 520-535-0605