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Working with Luke at Concrete Block Supply was great. Quick, reliable service, and willing to go the extra mile to provide the best products. The transportation company that Luke arranged was also fast and kept us updated on their progress. My company and I will be using them again.
– Clif Enochs

Great to work with. Kept in contact about my order and delivery timeline to ensure we received everything quickly. Followed up with me to double check that everything went according to plan.
– Brett

Sowers Working with Luke was a great experience he does go the extra mile to make sure you get everything you need and the shipping company he arranged worked in a timely manner and kept my job organized and clean. I will definitely be using Luke’s services again and I recommend him for anyone who wants to use quality service. Thank you Luke.
– Elena Fielder

Concrete Block Supply is here to help you with all your concrete block needs. We work with homeowners, contractors, and various businesses.  We offer you a quick and efficient way to acquire concrete blocks at a reasonable price point. We offer friendly service and can be counted on for a convenient and personal experience that is unparalleled in the industry. Concrete Block Supply has multiple shipping locations and pick-up locations.  We offer a few different configurations of blocks depending on where your job is located and what is needed for your project. Have questions about which product is right for your particular project? Please give our staff a call today to discuss how we can serve you with all your concrete block project needs.


What are the blocks called?

A block with several names. We typically refer to the concrete blocks as bin blocks but they have a variety of names.  Here are just a few names we have heard from some of our customers and others in the industry: mafia blocks, barrier blocks, large concrete blocks, interlocking concrete blocks, interlocking V-wedge blocks, concrete lego blocks, ecology blocks, large retaining wall blocks, jumbo blocks, storage blocks, 2’ x 2’ x 6’ blocks, precast concrete blocks, gravity wall blocks, and waste blocks.


What are the blocks used for?

Our Concrete Block Supply blocks also have a variety of uses. They have been used for: aggregate storage bins, retaining walls, barriers to direct traffic and/ or parking, restrict access to property, tent anchor weights, dividing walls, building protection, utilities protection, barriers for propane tanks or other above ground fuel tanks, property line demarcation, and as a general use heavily weighted object. Concrete bin blocks are built in a way that they easily interlock with adjoining units, allowing for flexible configurations, using full, half, and corner blocks. These interlocking blocks make it possible to create material storage bins, retaining walls, landscaping features, and traffic barriers without any extra supplies.


Who can purchase your concrete blocks?

Our Concrete Block Supply blocks can be purchased by customers and companies for various purposes. Some of the customers who buy concrete blocks include, but are not limited to: facility operations and management departments for various facilities, trucking and shipping companies, equipment rental services, construction and renovation contractors, energy and various utility services, government and military operations, special event and production companies, parking garage and parking lot owners and operators, and individual residential or agricultural land owners.


How do the blocks get to my job site?

There are two options to get the blocks to your job site location: Delivery or Pick Up. The first option is that Concrete Block Supply can arrange for a flat bed semi trailer to deliver the blocks to your job site location. Once the truck arrives at your job site location you will need to have equipment onsite to offload the blocks.  The equipment onsite you will need to offload the blocks needs to be capable of lifting either 3,600 lbs. for the full sized V-wedge blocks or 4,700 lbs. for the full sized lego style blocks.  The deck height of the flat bed is 5’ and the blocks are either 2’ or 2.5’ in height, so the equipment needs to be able to reach high enough to pick the blocks up off of the trailer deck.  All of the blocks have a rebar loop handle located in the top so that you can simply hook a chain to them to move them.  There is not any specialized rigging needed to attach to the blocks.  Please also keep in mind that your job site needs to have adequate space for a 48’-53’ semi truck to maneuver.  If you do not the appropriate space needed, you will need to set up a near-by location to offload the blocks and then use smaller equipment to move them to your job site.  The second option is for you to pick up the blocks at the local plant.  We will arrange a day and time for you to pick them up from your designated location. Once you get to the concrete block plant, the blocks will be loaded on to your trailer for you.  You will need to bring straps or chains to secure them to the trailer.  You will then be responsible for removal of the blocks from your trailer to your particular job site. Please contact us with any questions regarding either the job site requirements or the local pick up requirements.


How cost effective are precast concrete blocks?

But is it worth it? Our full sized bin blocks are either 6’L x 2’W x 2’H or 5’W x 2.5’L x 2.5’H, one being just under a yard of and the other being just over a yard of concrete.  If you were to try to make them yourself the concrete alone would be over $125. If you included the labor and the rebar loop handle you would have $175+ into each block. In order to make these blocks, you would also need to invest in a form, which is an added expense.  In most areas we can sell you the blocks for $100 or less.  You can also feel good for doing your part for the planet by using recycled concrete, giving new life to concrete that would have been wasted, and keeping extra concrete out of the local landfills. It’s a win win. We can help you with an excellent product you want for your project, you save money, and together we stop waste!



Disclaimer about our products: Bin blocks are made with left over concrete from other projects, so the blocks are not aesthetically perfect.  They do not have any engineering design criteria. The forms are filled as the excess concrete is returned, so they could possible have a mixture of different concrete mixes.  Concrete Block Supply can help make suggested uses, but the final use, design, and risk is up the end users discretion.