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Are you looking for a reliable source to obtain a supply of concrete blocks for you and your project in Western Colorado? If so, please give us a call! We provide flexible and honorable service to people and projects. To speak to someone on our exceptional team, please call the number: 970-568-5054. 


Western Colorado- Grand Junction, CO

In the area of western Colorado is the well known, beautiful city of Grand Junction. Grand Junction is made up of an area of 25,649 acres, while different bodies of water cover up to 283 of these acres. The city is also 247 miles from Denver, the state capitol. Nicknamed as the “River City”, Grand Junction lies right beside where the Colorado and the Gunnison River link with one another. The city is known for its fruit growing and gas and oil mining economy, ski resorts, and it’s mountain biking trails. 

Alongside Grand Junction and the full area of western Colorado, there are many more cities and towns we would more than gladly provide service for. Below, we have put together a list of examples of towns located near Grand Junction that we also provide for. But not to worry, we love helping people and projects near and far, so if you cannot find your location on this list, don’t hesitate to still give us a call and we will figure out how we can help you!: Mack, Gilsonite, Loma, Fruita, Cameo, Palisade, Rhone, Whitewater, Appleton, Redlands, Pear Park, Durham, Clifton, Rosevale, Johnsons Corner, Utaline, Westwater, Olathe, Anvil Points, Mesa Lakes, Eckert, Orchard City, Battlement Mesa, Parachute, Delta, Somerset, Colby, Crescent Junction, Glenwood Springs, Floy, Brendel, Rio Blanco, Grand Mesa, Agate, Thompson Springs, Vista, Elba, Montrose, Rulison, Cedaredge, Sapinero, Spanish Valley, Blue Mountain, Woodside, Snowmass, Uravan, Basalt, Eagle, Ouray, and Gypsum. 

Did you know that the same type of concrete block can have a completely different name when it is referred to by different people and is located on different work sites? We would like to debunk any confusion or trouble that may come when trying to communicate about different blocks and styles. Within our business, we typically use the following names regarding to an array of different blocks: large concrete retaining wall blocks, leftover concrete blocks, storage wall blocks, gravity wall blocks, building blocks, interlocking v-blocks, large Concrete Blocks Grand Junction​, jumbo blocks, waste blocks, bunker blocks, bin blocks, mafia blocks, ecology blocks, barrier blocks, and soldier blocks. If you have a particular preference when it comes to the name selection of certain blocks, just let us know and we will gladly adjust to your block name style.

Specially selected and available for the western Colorado area is a v-wedge block consisting of a plain face or a slate decorative face. This block also comes in different size options of 6’x2’x2’ (3,600lbs), 4’x2’x2’ (2,400lbs), or 2’x2’x2’ (1,200lbs). On our typical truck beds, 13 of the 6’ blocks can be fit, 18 of the 4’ blocks can be fit, and finally, 37 of the 2’ blocks can be fit. Each of these blocks is efficiently equipped with it’s signature v-wedge on the top and side, while on the other side and bottom, is a special reverse version of the v-wedge, allowing the blocks to easily lock together if needed. For movement of the Concrete Blocks Grand Junction, you can simply use the rebar handle loop found on top of the block.

Whatever you’re looking to use them for, we’re here to help. Concrete blocks, besides having quite a few names, have a multitude of uses as well. Concrete blocks are designed to benefit all kinds of different projects. Some of the uses for our blocks include: anchor weights for tents, storage bin creation, property security, controlling and managing traffic and parking lots, protection for fuel and propane tanks, element storage for road districts, general weight, security of utilities, and concrete retaining walls. The possibilities don’t stop there! If you have some great ideas or visions regarding concrete blocks and their uses, please let us know.

For transportation and acquiring the blocks, we offer either pick up or Concrete Blocks Grand Junction delivery. If you have any questions or concerns regarding either of our options, please give us a call! In doing business with you, we love to provide you with the most safe, secure, and efficient methods that work for you no matter what it is; whether it be block selection or block transportation. In order for you to select the option of pick up, you will need to contact our facility (again, our number is: 970-568-5054) and we will assign you a time and date to come to our plant and pick up the blocks yourself. No need to stress, because we will do the hard part of loading the blocks onto the trailer for you! You will be asked to provide a set of straps and/or chains in order to strap the blocks down to the trailer. Below are some of the guideline if you choose to have the blocks delivered. Once the delivery flatbed arrives, your jobsite must be equipped with the proper machinery in order to offload the blocks from the trailer. Since the trailer bed is typically 5’H and the blocks are all 2’ in height, the machinery must be able to reach a height of 7’+. Also, please keep in mind that the equipment must be able to withstand holding 3,600, 2,400,or 1,200lbs of weight, depending on the block size being delivered. Plus, these blocks take no special rigging! All you need to do is attach a chain to the rebar handle loop located on top of the block and you’re all set! If your site does not have an adequate space of 48’-53’ for the delivery semi to exit, we can discuss delivering to a nearby, available location and utilize smaller equipment in order to relocate the blocks to the actual Concrete Blocks Grand Junction worksite. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please call us and we’d love to chat with you!

Fun Facts

Your area of Grand Junction and western Colorado is simply a beauty. In fact, we’d like to share some fun facts about your city and state.


  1. Within the course of history, Colorado has been the only state to turn down the Olympics.
  2. Did you know that the Colorado National Monument is located right near the city of Grand Junction?