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We think the most unique thing about concrete blocks New Mexico is that each individual and/or area uses different names for the blocks. Some of the most popular names are: bin blocks, jumbo blocks, barrier blocks mafia blocks, large concrete blocks, interlocking v-blocks, concrete lego blocks, ecology blocks, gravity wall blocks, concrete building blocks, storage wall blocks, V-Wedge blocks, bunker blocks, waste blocks and left-over concrete blocks New Mexico. Do you have another name for them? Let us know so we can add it to our list.

The block type readily available in New Mexico is what we call V-Wedge blocks.  The full-sized V-wedge blocks are 3600 lbs. Each full sized blocks measures 6’L x 2’W x 2’H. This kind of block has a V-shaped wedge along the top and another V-shape wedge along one side. There is a rebar loop centered along the top for picking up the bin block. The bottom and opposite side have a reverse V-wedge so that the blocks can interlock if needed for your project.  This block style is also comes in half size at 1800 lbs.  Each half sized concrete blocks New Mexico measures 3’L x 2’W x 2’H.  Each flat bed truck can fit up to 13 full sized blocks delivery or up to 26 half sized blocks.

Most of blocks available are non-decorative plain faced, but here in New Mexico we provide some blocks with a decorative façade.  We have a random rock pattern façade block to offer.  Please contact a member of our sales staff to learn about the best uses for each type of block and ask any questions you might have regarding your specific project.

What Are the Uses for the Blocks?

The concrete blocks that concrete blocks New Mexico Supply offers have a variety of uses. The most popular uses for the concrete blocks are for creation of: aggregate storage bins, retaining walls w/ large blocks, barriers to direct traffic and/ or organize parking, property access restriction, building protection, large tent anchors, stage anchor, area division, utilities protection, barriers for propane tanks or other above ground fuel tanks, boundary lines for properties, or as a general use weight.  The concrete blocks are built in a way that they easily interlock with each other allowing for a multitude of configurations.

How Do You Get the Blocks? 

There are two options to acquire the concrete blocks New Mexico. Concrete Block Supply offers jobsite delivery or plant pick up. The first option is that we schedule a flat bed semi to deliver the blocks to your job site. Once the truck arrives at your job site location you will need to have adequate  equipment onsite to offload the blocks.  Whatever equipment you  have onsite at the time of delivery needs to be capable of offloading blocks with an individual weight of 3,600 lbs or 1,800 lbs if you are getting only half blocks.  The standard deck height of a flat bed is 5’ and the blocks are 2’ in height, so the offload equipment you provide needs to be able to reach up high enough to pick the blocks up off of the trailer deck.  The standard rebar loop handle is located in the top, center of each block so that you can easily attach a chain to lift them. No specific  rigging equipment is required to move these blocks around.  Also, please keep in mind your job site must have adequate space for a 48’-53’ semi truck to maneuver. Otherwise you will need to arrange for an accessible location close to your site to offload the blocks.  You will then need to use smaller equipment to move the blocks to your job site.  The second option is for you to pick up the concrete blocks for yourself at the plant.  We will schedule a day and time for you to pick them up from your designated concrete blocks New Mexico location. Once you get to the block plant, the concrete blocks will be loaded on to your trailer for you by one the yard guys.  Remember to bring straps, chains , or something to secure the bin blocks to your trailer.  Please contact us with any questions regarding either job site delivery or plant pick up.

Fun Facts

We are so happy to serve Albuquerque and the surrounding cities in New Mexico. We would love to share some fun trivia questions about your great city and state:


  • The official state motto of New Mexico is Crescit eundo which is Latin for “It grows as it goes”.
  • Did you know that New Mexico has more PhDs per capita than any other state?
  • At an elevation of 7,199 feet Santa Fe is the nation’s highest state capital
  • Santa Fe is also the oldest capital city in North America it was founded 10 years before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth.
  • The first atomic bomb was tested in New Mexico
  • 75% of the roads in New Mexico are unpaved.  (That could lead to some interesting block deliveries)
  • New Mexico has more cattle than people

New Mexico


New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, was the 47th state added to the great United States.  The largest city is Albuquerque and home to Concrete Block Supply’s main shipping location for New Mexico.  It is the fifth-largest state but ranks 36th in population so you have a little elbow room.

Not only do we proudly serve the city of Albuquerque, we can offer delivery and/or pick up for concrete blocks New Mexico projects located in Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, La Cruces, Santa Rosa, Los Lunas, and Roswell.  Don’t see your area listed? Please give us a call and we will see how we can best serve you.

Are you looking for concrete blocks New Mexico? We can help you, no need to look further. Please contact us to discuss your project and concrete block needs. 505-295-6602