Madison, WI

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We provide bin blocks in Madison, WI, which you may also know by the name “v-wedge blocks”. These v-wedge blocks are useful for a number of different projects, both large and small, because of their ability to be slid together and interlocked. They are able to do this because of their v-wedges. Each block has four of these wedges. On both the top and side of the block, you can find a protruding v-wedge, while both the bottom and opposite side have an inverted v-wedge. These wedges perfectly fit together with one another so that you can slide them together and interlock them. These blocks also have another helpful feature on their top: a rebar handle loop. This loop enables you to move the blocks around without having to use complicated rigging equipment. For the city of Madison, we offer three different sizes of these blocks: a 6’ x 2’ x 2’ block that weighs 3,600lbs, a 4’ x 2’ x 2’ block that weighs 2,400lbs, and 3’ x 2’ x 2’ block that weighs 1,800lbs. When it comes to transporting these blocks, each trailer can carry either thirteen of the 6’ blocks, eighteen of the 4’ blocks, and twenty-six of the 3’ blocks. If you have any questions or would like further information about these blocks, please feel free to give us a call and we’d love to chat with you! 833-763-1711

We provide concrete barrier blocks in Madison, WI, which can be used in all sorts of projects, both large and small. Below we created a list of some of the more common uses for our concrete blocks, but if you have any further ideas or questions regarding concrete block usage, we’d love to hear from you! Now, here are some of the more common uses for concrete blocks: traffic control, parking lot management, concrete retaining walls, storage bins, road district material storage, anchor weights for large tents, utilities security, fuel/propane tank protection, property separation, and general weight.

We provide bin blocks in Madison, WI, which you can receive in one of two ways: either through delivery or pick up. Both of these methods have a couple different requirements that must be met in order for them to go safely and smoothly. We will walk you through these requirements down below, starting with delivery. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these requirements or processes, please feel free to give us a call and someone from our team would be more than happy to speak with you. Now, here are the delivery requirements. First, you will need to have the proper type and size of offloading equipment that is capable of offloading your blocks from the trailer. In order to properly do this, this equipment must be able to 1) reach a height of 7 ‘+ because, in height, the trailer is 5’ and the blocks are 2’, and 2) withstand carrying the weight of your blocks (1,800-3,600lbs). Next, you must have an open, available space of 47’-53’ so that the delivery semi can safely enter and exit the drop-off site. If you do not have this much space available, we can discuss dropping the blocks off at another nearby area and then use smaller equipment to transport the blocks back to the actual, desired site. Now we will move on to the pick up requirements: First off, you will need to give us a call so that we can help you set up a date and time for you to come to our facility and pick up your blocks. When you come to pick up the blocks, we will load up the blocks onto the trailer for you, but we ask that you also bring along a set of chains and/or straps that can be used to secure the blocks down to the trailer. Again, if you have any questions or concerns regarding either delivery or pick up, please give us a call!

We provide concrete barrier blocks in Madison, WI; but you may know these blocks by an alternate name, because there are tons of different concrete block nicknames out there. Here are some examples of the more common concrete block nicknames: bin blocks, barrier blocks, soldier blocks, mafia blocks, lego blocks, ecology blocks, jumbo blocks, waste blocks, interlocking v-blocks, storage wall blocks, gravity wall blocks, stackable concrete blocks, leftover concrete blocks, and large concrete retaining wall blocks. However, if you have any other block nicknames that you know of, please feel free to let us know and we can add those names to our list as well! Thanks!

City of Madison

Covering 94.03 square miles in Dane County, Wisconsin is the state’s capital city of Madison. Madison can be found in the south-central region of the state, which is pretty flat and has four significant lakes in this area. Milwakewe, WI is located around 77 miles west of Madison, while Chicago is around 122 miles southeast. Some tourist attractions found in this city are: Henry Vilas Zoo, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Wisconsin State Capitol, University of Wisconsin’s Memorial Union Terrace, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Monona Terrace. We provide bin blocks in Madison, WI.


Fun Facts

We love serving the beautiful area of Madison, WI. Here are some fun facts that you may find interesting about this city:

  • Madison, WI is known as “Lake City”.
  • Did you know that Madison, WI’s official city bird is the pink, plastic flamingo?
  • Did you know that the first ever bone marrow transplant in the US (1968) was performed at a hospital in Madison?

We provide concrete barrier blocks in Madison, WI, but we also provide for cities all over the great U.S of A, and we’d love for you to be next. Below we created an example list of cities that are within two hours of Madison that we also provide for. Our services are not limited to this list, however, so please feel free to give us a call whether you are located in these areas or not. We would love to help you out. Now, here are the cities within two hours of Madison: Morrisonville, Klevenville, Leeds, Deansville, North Bristol, City View Heights, Drovers WOods, Stoughton, Burgess Corners, Sherwood Forest Heights, Cambridge, Sun Prairie, Lutheran Hill. De Forest, Riley, Mineral Point, Monroe, Oconomowoc, Delafield, Baraboo, Whitewater, Juda, Dodgeville, Beaver Dam, Spring Green, Portage, Janesville, Blanchardville, Fort Atkinson, Adams, Camp Douglas, Franklin, Green Lake, Glendale, Ripon, Princeton, Harvard, Lake Geneva, Rockford, Fond du Lac, Muskego, Menomonee Falls, Freeport, Fennimore, Palatine, Prairie du Chien, Barrington, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Kenosha, Hoffman Estates, Appleton, Soldiers Grove, Schaumburg, Crystal Lake, Dixon, Vioqua, and Racine.

We love serving both Madison and the country as a whole. We offer affordable, environmentally friendly concrete products and we have a wonderful, experienced team who would love to help you along the way. If you have any questions for us or would like further information regarding us, our work, or products, please feel free to let us know and we would love to speak with you. Our number is: 608-678-5266