Baltimore, MD

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Provided and available for Baltimore and surrounding areas is what we call a v-wedge block. These blocks come in two different sizes: a 6’x2’x2’ block, weighing 3,600lbs and a 3’x2’x2’ block, weighing 1,800lbs. Thirteen of the 6’ blocks or twenty-six of the 3’ blocks can be fit on a single flatbed trailer. These blocks can easily fit together by utilizing their v-wedge on the top and side of the block, and the reverse version of the wedge on the bottom and opposite side, making these blocks great for a variety of projects. No need for any special rigging, because these blocks are equipped with a rebar handle loop atop the block, which can be used to make maneuvering the blocks simple. ​

As we mentioned before, concrete blocks have a variety of different names, styles and uses. When it comes to concrete block usage, our blocks can make a large difference, even in the smallest of projects. A few examples of how blocks can be utilized are as follows: creation of bins used for storage, parking lot and traffic management, general weight, fuel and propane tank protection, anchor weights, concrete retaining walls, property security, storage for road districts and cities, and security of utilities. If you have any other ideas of how concrete blocks can be used in a helpful way, big or small, please let us know by giving us a call. Again, our number is: 833-763-1711

How do you receive your blocks? 

We operate through either delivery or pickup when it comes to the receival and transportation of your concrete blocks. When it comes to pick up, you will need to call our team and we’ll set you up with a date and time to visit our facility to pick up the blocks. However, we ask that you bring along a set of chains and/or straps in order to secure the blocks to the trailer bed. But don’t worry! We’ll do the hard part of loading the blocks onto the truck for you. In regards to delivery, there are a few more requirements that must be met in order for us to properly deliver your supply of blocks. For starters, your site must 1) have the adequate amount of machinery in order to offload the blocks once the delivery truck arrives and 2) have 48’-53’ of space in order for the semi to enter and exit, (if this particular requirement cannot be met, we can discuss relocating the place of dropoff to another nearby location and use smaller equipment to move the blocks to the actual site.) Your on-site equipment must be able to 1) reach a height of at least 7’+, because the trailer is typically 5’ and each block is 2’ in height, and 2) be able to withstand carrying up to 3,600 or 1,800lbs, depending on the size of block being delivered. In order to maneuver your blocks, you can just simply attach a chain to the rebar handle loop atop the block to make the process quick and manageable. If you have any questions or concerns regarding either our process for delivery or pick up, please feel free to give us a call and we’d love to chat! 

Did you know that concrete blocks actually have quite a vast variety of different names, along with quite a number of styles, types, and uses? To avoid any confusion, and to inform you in case you are inexperienced in this field, we typically use most of the following names to refer to concrete blocks within our business: bin blocks, barrier blocks, soldier blocks, waste blocks, ecology blocks, lego blocks, interlocking v-blocks, large concrete retaining wall blocks, stackable concrete blocks, leftover concrete blocks, storage wall blocks, gravity wall blocks, large concrete blocks, jumbo blocks, and mafia blocks. If you have any other block referral preferences, please let us know!

Fun Facts

We love providing quick and reliable service for Baltimore and the whole country. Below we have a few facts we’d love to share with you regarding your beautiful city of Baltimore:

  • Located in the Baltimore Inner Harbor is the National Aquarium, which happens to be America’s first public aquarium and features over 20,000 different fish, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and marine creatures.
  • Did you know that the first umbrella factory in America was located in Baltimore?
  • The first telegraph wire in the world was built between Washington, DC and the city of Baltimore. 

Are you in search of a reliable source that can supply you with concrete blocks for your project located in Baltimore, Maryland? Well, consider your search over! Concrete blocks are our expertise, and we would love to provide you with the help you need. If you are interested in speaking to someone from our team, please call the number: 443-836-4444

The City of Baltimore 

Out of the cities within the state of Maryland, Baltimore is the most populous. This city, notably, is the largest, American independent city and is also a key component in the Washington-Baltimore combined statistical area, seeing as it is only 40 miles away from the country’s capital. Baltimore encompasses an area of 92 square miles, while 11.1 of these miles is covered with water. In addition to having quite a history involving love for the game of baseball, the city’s breweries, cultural museums, and seafood restaurants draw in quite a number of tourists.

In addition to serving Baltimore, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional help to people and cities all over the nation. Below, we have provided a list of “example” cities, within a certain range of Baltimore, that we will also gladly work with. If you cannot locate your city/project location within the list, please give us a call and we’d love to figure out what ways we can help you best: Laurel, North Laurel, Randallstown, Reisterstown, Clarksville, Hunt Valley, Sparks, Severn, Pasadena, Owings Mill, Stevenson Park, Jessun, Ellicott City, Parkville, Washington, York, Rising Sun, Red Lion, Falls Church, Clinton, McLean, West McLean, Temple Hills, Oxon City, New Windsor, Germantown, Fredrick, Camp Springs, Upper Marlboro, Summit Point, Christiana, Purcellville, Quantico, Mechanicsville, Mechanicsburg, Chester, Elizabethtown, Enola, Waynesboro, Royal Oak, Minersville, La Plata, Lanaster, Columbus, Kennett, Blytheville, Portage, Edgewater, Festus, Saint Charles, Galesburg, Farmington, and Ballwin.