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Concrete Block Supply Location – Central Texas:


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The City of Abilene, Texas.


Abilene, established in 1881, is around 180 miles outside of Dallas and is located near the exact geographical center of the state. The city lies on I-20 and the junction of U.S Routes 83 and 277, also including access to Texas State Highways 36 and 351. Some main attractions within the city are the Paramount Theater, Grace Cultural Center, and The Abilene Zoo.

We don’t just proudly provide and serve the city of Abilene, but we also extend our Concrete Blocks Central Texas supply and service to projects in the nearby Texan cities and towns of Blackwell, Rule, Echo, Fort Chadbourne, Rising Star, Moran, Haskell, Olden, Eastland, Coleman, Romney, Roby, Scranton, McCaulley, Mitchell, Vera, Dublin, Huckabay, Benjamin, Early, South Bend, Blanket, Jayton, Brownwood, Snyder, Knox City, Lowake, Anson, Goldsboro, Cozart, Trent, Lawn, Ovalo, Hodges, Buffalo Gap, Stith, Tuscola, Baird, Merkel, View, Eula, Clyde, Stamford, Noodle, Albany, Hamlin, Cross Plains, Shep, Wingate, Sweetwater, Lueders, Cisco, Granbury, Lenorah, Ackerly, Whitt, Paluxy, Willow Park, Oak Trail Shores, Forsan, Thalia, Tolar, Camp Air, Knickerbocker, Truscott, Jermyn, and Duffau. Are you having trouble finding your city or town on this list? Let us know by giving us a call at the number above and we’ll try to find a way we can best serve you. 

There are varying names for each, but we provide many versions of concrete blocks.

In different locations and job sites, different types of concrete blocks have unique and altering names. Some of the commonly known names for the blocks are: ecology blocks, lego blocks,  bin blocks, interlocking v-blocks, soldier blocks, large concrete retaining wall blocks, large concrete blocks, gravity wall blocks, bin blocks, building blocks, storage wall blocks, bunker blocks, waste blocks, jumbo blocks, mafia blocks, stackable concrete blocks, left-over concrete blocks, and barrier blocks. Do you refer to your blocks by another special name? Feel free to tell us and it’ll become an addition to our list! 

The block we most readily provide for Abilene and surrounding areas, is the V-block. This type of block has a V-shaped wedge on top and on the side. A rebar handle loop, that is located on the top of the block, is used for picking up the block. If you need the blocks to interlock for your project, that’s no problem. The top and side of the block have a special, reverse V-wedge that allows them to connect together with ease. These full sized wedge blocks weigh in at 3,600lbs and measure to be 6’L x 2’W x 2’H. However, there is also a half sized version of the block which weighs only 1,800lbs and measures 3’L x 2’W x 2’H. Thirteen full sized, or twenty six half sized blocks, can fit per flatbed trailer. 

What service do our blocks provide?

Our Concrete Blocks Central Texas have been used in a number of ways, and maybe you will discover a new way to put them to use!  However, here are some of the many ways these blocks have been tactically put to good use: controlling traffic, managing parking lots, security of utilities, separation of property, element storage for road districts, anchor weights, protection for fuel or propane tanks, retaining walls made of concrete, the creation of bins used for storage, and as common weight. Not only are there many types of blocks, there are many more uses for them as well. 

How do you receive the blocks?


Typically, we have two methods of getting your blocks to you and your project site. We provide the opportunity of delivery or pick up Concrete Blocks Central Texas. In order to provide you with delivery of the blocks, there are a few requirements that must be met. You will be expected to have on-site equipment in order to unload the delivery once it arrives. The equipment needed in order to unload the blocks will need to withstand carrying at least 3,600lbs or 1,800lbs, depending on the type of block being delivered. The blocks will not require any unique rigging in order to move them. Although, the blocks have a height of 2’ and the typical delivery truck bed is 5’ high. With this being said, your equipment will have to be able to reach 7’+ in order to properly move the blocks from the trailer bed. By attaching a chain to the rebar loop handle postioned atop the concrete block, you can easily and efficiently maneuver the blocks. Please remember that your job site must have enough space in order for a 48’-53’ semi truck to turn around and exit the site. However, if your site does not meet that specific requirement, we can discuss another location to unload the blocks, and use smaller machinery to move them to the actual site. Another option for receiving your blocks is to schedule a date and time to come to the facility and pick the blocks up yourself. Don’t worry, once you arrive, we will load the Concrete Blocks Central Texas onto your trailer for you! 

However, you will need to personally provide straps and/or chains to fasten the blocks to the truck bed. Have any questions regarding either of these forms of transport? No problem. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Fun Facts

We are happy and honored to provide service to Abilene and surrounding cities, so we would enjoy sharing some interesting trivia questions and facts regarding your wonderful city and state!


  • Abilene has a nickname of the “Official Storybook Capital of Texas” because of its large public collection of storybook character sculptures.

  • During every second Thursday of every month, an “Artwalk” is held downtown of the city.

  • The Paramount Theater, which originally opened in 1930 and was restored in 1986, had a marquee reaching 90ft tall!