Syracuse, NY

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We provide bin blocks in Syracuse, NY. We provide these blocks in two different sizes for this city: a 6’ x 2’ x 2’ block that weighs 3,600lbs and a 3’ x 2’ x 2’ block that weighs 1,800lbs. When it comes to transporting these blocks, each trailer can carry either thirteen of the 6’ blocks or twenty-six of the 3’ blocks. These blocks also go by the name “v-wedge” blocks. This is because each block has four, v-shaped wedges that enable them to be slid together and interlocked. You can find a protruding v-wedge on the top and side of the block, while an inverted v-wedge can be found on both the bottom and other side of the block. Another helpful tool these blocks have is their rebar handle loop, found on each of their tops. This loop enables you to move these blocks around without the use of complicated rigging equipment. If you have any questions about these blocks or would like more information, please give us a call! 833-763-1711

We provide bin blocks in Syracuse, NY, which can be used for all sorts of projects, both big and small. Here are some examples of the more common block uses: traffic control, property separation, utilities security, fuel/propane tank protection, anchor weights for large tents, storage for road district materials, parking lot management, concrete retaining walls, storage bins, and general weight. Our blocks can be used in tons of other ways as well. These are just some examples. If you have any other block use ideas or questions, please feel free to let us know and we’d love to chat. 

We provide concrete barrier blocks in Syracuse, NY, but how exactly do you receive your blocks after purchasing them? We have two different ways you can do this: delivery or pick up. We will discuss these process requirements down below. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever about any of these requirements or processes, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Someone from our team will be more than happy to speak with and help you. Now, let’s start with the delivery requirements: First off, you must have an available space of 47’-53’ so that the delivery semi can safely enter and exit the area. If you do not have this much space at your disposal, we can discuss dropping the blocks off at another nearby location and then proceed to transport the blocks to the actual site by using smaller equipment. Next, you must have the proper type and side of blocks offloading equipment. In order to offload the blocks, this equipment must be able to 1) reach a height of 7 ‘+ because, in height, the blocks are 2’ and the trailer is 5’ and 2) withstand carrying the weight of your blocks (1,800-3,600lbs). Now we will move onto the pick up requirements. First thing you will need to do is give us a call. During this call, we can help you set up a date and time to come to our facility and pick up your blocks. We will load the blocks onto the trailer for you, but in order to secure the blocks down, we ask that you bring along chains and/or straps that are able to do this. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, we would love to speak with you! Thank you.

We provide concrete barrier blocks in Syracuse, NY, regardless of what other names you might know these blocks by. There are so many different names concrete blocks can go by, such as: bin blocks, barrier blocks, soldier blocks, waste blocks, jumbo blocks, ecology blocks, lego blocks, mafia blocks, interlocking v-blocks, storage wall blocks, gravity wall blocks, stackable concrete blocks, large concrete retaining wall blocks, and leftover concrete blocks. These are just some of the more commonly used block names, but if you have any other names you know of, please feel free to let us know and we can add them to our list! Thanks!


Fun Facts

We enjoy serving the city of Syracuse, NY. Here are some interesting facts about this area:

  1. Did you know that Syracuse, NY is number one in the U.S for snowfall in metropolitan areas?
  2. What is Syracuse’s nickname? “Salt City”
  3. Did you know that the very first drive-thru window was installed at a bank in Syracuse in 1941?


City of Syracuse

Covering 25.6 square miles in Onondaga County, NY, about halfway between Toronto and New York City is the city of Syracuse. Syracuse has both hilly and flat land and is covered in many, many trees. Syracuse is an important city because of its connections with the Erie Canal, I-90, I-81, railways, and Central New York’s biggest airport has its home here. Some tourist attractions you can find in Syracuse include: Downtown Syracuse, Erie Canal Museum, Museum of Science and Technology, Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Destiny USA, and Green Lakes State Park. We provide bin blocks in Syracuse, NY.

We provide concrete barrier blocks in Syracuse, NY and countless other cities all over the U.S. Below, we put together a list of the cities that are all within a two hour drive of Syracuse as examples. Our services are not limited to just these cities though. We would love to help you out, regardless of location. Here are the cities within two hours of Syracuse: North Cazenovia, Cazenovia, Meridian, Weedsport, Pratt Corners, Skaneateles, Delphi Falls, Lakeport, Canastota, Three Rivers, Sullivan, Assembly Park, Vesper, Central Square, Geneva, Hamilton, Utica, Waterloo, Seneca Falls, Rome, Oneida, Auburn, Verona, Fulton, Liverpool,Rochester, Fairport, Canandaigua, Watertown, Ithaca, Romulus, Newark, Oswego, Eynon, Dickson City, Wysox, Kendall, Page, Clarks Summit, Broaddablin, Schenectady, Attia, Avoca, Nunda, Clarks Green, Readburn, and Savona. Again, these cities are just examples. So, if you can’t find your project location on this list but are still interested in working with us, please give us a call! We would still love to provide for you.

We love providing our services to Syracuse, NY. We offer great, reliable services thanks to our wonderful, experienced team and selection of affordable and environmentally friendly concrete products. We would love to serve you and your project, no matter your location in the great U.S of A. We look forward to hearing from you! To speak with us, please call the following number: 315-607-8200