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Now, we keep referring to how we provide bin blocks in Missouri…but what block are we specifically referring to? It is what we call a v-wedge block. The reason these blocks have the name v-wedge is because of their unique and helpful interlocking system made up of, you guessed it! V-wedges. On each block there are a total of four wedges. One is on the top, one is on a side, and a reverse version of the wedge is on the bottom and opposite side. These wedges enable the blocks to slide together smoothly and easily, making them useful for a number of different projects. In addition, to make moving these blocks easy, they come equipped with a rebar handle loop on top of each. All you need to do in order to move these blocks is attach a chain to the loop. No special rigging equipment is required. Please note that we carry these blocks in various sizes and weights. Please contact us for more details and information. We provide concrete barrier blocks in Missouri. 573-994-4262

Previously, we discussed different concrete block names, but now we are going to discuss different concrete block uses. Our concrete blocks have been utilized all over the countries in various projects such as: storage bins, parking lot management, traffic control, general weight, fuel/propane tank protection, anchor weights for large tents, concrete retaining walls, road district storage, property separation, and security for various utilities. There are many more block project possibilities out there, so if you have any questions or ideas regarding further use of concrete blocks, please feel free to give us a call!

Last but not least, let’s walk you through our block transportation processes. We offer two different methods of transport: delivery and pick up. Let’s talk through delivery first. Starting off, you will need a space of around 47’-53’ available in order for the delivery semi to safely enter and exit the site. If this much space is not available at your drop off location, we can discuss dropping the blocks off at another nearby location and proceed to use smaller machinery to move the blocks to the actual, desired location. Next, you will need to have the proper block off loading equipment on site. This equipment must be able to 1) reach a height of 7’+ (this is because, in height, the trailer is 5’ and the blocks are usually 2’) and 2) withstand carrying the weight of your blocks (this just depends on the size and weight of the blocks you are having delivered. Please contact us for more specific details regarding your blocks and we’d love to help you out!) Next up, let’s discuss block pick up. In order to pick up your blocks, first you will need to give us a call. Someone from our team can help set you up with a date and time to come to our facility and pick up your blocks. We will load the blocks onto the trailer for you; but we ask that you bring along a set of chains and/or straps that we can use to secure the blocks down. If you have any questions regarding either delivery or pick up, please give us a call! We are readily available at anytime!  573-994-4262

Concrete blocks have all different types of names. Can’t that get confusing? Not necessarily. We put together a list of some more generic concrete block names you might hear us use when it comes to block referral. You can also check out pictures of these blocks on our website! Feel free to familiarize yourself with our commonly-used block names. And, if you have a block name you think is also worthy of being used, let us know and we can add it to our list! Our block names include: bin blocks, mafia blocks, soldier blocks, lego blocks, jumbo blocks, barrier blocks, ecology blocks, waste blocks, interlocking v-blocks, storage wall blocks, gravity wall blocks, large concrete retaining wall blocks, stackable concrete blocks, and leftover concrete blocks. So, regardless of what you call them, we provide concrete barrier blocks in Missouri. 

Fun Facts

We love providing for the whole nation, but since we are focused on the individual state of Missouri, we’d love to share some fun facts regarding this beautiful, historic state with you: 

  • Where did the first successful parachute jump take place? Yep, Missouri!
  • Did you know that Missouri was the birthplace of the famous ice-cream cone? 
  • Did you know that the famous Gateway Arch, located in St. Louis, is the country’s tallest monument? Its tallest point reaches a whopping 630 feet! 

Are you in search of a concrete block supplier to service you and your project located in the state of Missouri? We are here to assist you! We have an exceptional and experienced work team and a great, affordable selection of environmentally-friendly, concrete block products. We provide bin blocks in Missouri and all over the nation. We’d love for your hometown to be next! Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions you would like answers to or would like to request more information about us and our services. Our number is: 573-994-4262


The State of Missouri

Missouri is a U.S state that can be found in the Midwestern region of the country. Missouri is actually tied with Tennessee for border states. With eight states (Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas) bordering it, Missouri covers a grand total of 69,715 square miles and is home to around 6.2 million people. The Mississippi River makes up the eastern border of the state and the northern and eastern border are pretty straight lines. The southern border is mainly straight as well, but has a small portion on the eastern part of it that protrudes southward. Significantly enough, the south region of the state is considered what is called the Ozarks; forested highlands. In Missouri, national park visits are very high in number. Some popular tourist attractions include: The Gateway Arch, The St. Louis Zoo, Branson, Missouri, Silver Dollar City, and Forest Park. We provide concrete barrier blocks in Missouri. 

We provide bin blocks in Missouri. We provide them in cities both large and small. Some specific examples of more large Missouri cities we’d love to provide for include: Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Columbia, Independence, Lee’s Summit, O’Fallen, St.Charles, Blue Springs, Jefferson City, St. Joseph, Florissant, Joplin, Oakville, University City, Liberty, Raytown, Chesterfield, Wentzville, Ballwin, Wildwood, Kirkwood, Mehlville, Gladstone, Maryland Heights, Grandview, Raymore, Belton, Ozark, and Arnold. Whereas, some of the smaller cities we would loved to provide for include: Sweet Springs, Oakland, Huntsville, Linn, Gerald, Marble Hill, Lone Jack, Albany, Winfield, Lakeshire, Memphis, Shelbina, Steele, Richland, Adrian, Unionville, Hamilton, Cedar Hill, Milan, Bernie, Carterville, New Haven, Moscow Mills, Buffalo, Normandy, Brookfield, Riverside, Hollister, Berkeley, and Nevada. If you cannot find your project’s city on this list, don’t worry! We’d still love to help you. These are just a few example cities. If you are interested in more information on cities and states we serve, please feel free to give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.