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If you are looking for concrete blocks around central Missouri, you have come to the right place.   We would love to help you with your construction projects and your concrete blocks Columbia MO block bins needs.

Columbia, Missouri:

Columbia is a hub for education, culture, and athletic competitions.  It is located on rolling plains and forested hills, near the Missouri River between the Ozark Plateau and the Northern Plains. The beautiful Stephens Lake Park is in Columbia, offering hiking trails, a beach, and a boardwalk.  The Mizzou Botanic Garden is a lovely site to visit.

Columbia and Surrounding Areas:

We not only offer our services to Columbia, but to many of the cities in the surrounding areas.  Cities such as:  Jefferson City, Kingdom City, Harrisburg, Sturgeon, and Fulton are in our service area.  We also service the cities of Osage Beach, Moberly, Marshall, Eldon, Sedalia, Rocheport,  Bowling Green, and Monroe City.  Montgomery City, Mexico, Fayette, and Boonville are some of the other cities in the area around Columbia.  The cities listed above are by no means the only ones we service.  If you did not see your city listed, no worries.  Contact our office to see how we can help you to get the concrete blocks Columbia MO that you need.

No Matter What You Call Concrete Blocks, We Can Get Them To You:

Different areas of the country, different individuals, and different construction companies have differing names for concrete blocks Columbia MO.  Some of the most popular names are:  jumbo blocks, mafia blocks, bin blocks, lego blocks, interlocking blocks, barrier blocks, eco blocks, interlocking v-blocks, gravity wall blocks, building blocks, bunker blocks, leftover concrete blocks, ecology blocks, waste blocks, storage wall blocks, and just plain old large concrete blocks.  We would be interested in knowing if you have another name for these versatile and very useful concrete blocks.  We would love to add it to our ever-growing list of names.

Block Types Available in Central Missouri:

The blocks in your area are called V-wedge blocks.  Full sized blocks measure 6’L x 2’W x 2’H and the weight is 3,600 lbs.  This particular block has a V-wedge on the top and another V-wedge on one of the sides.   On the top you will find a rebar handle loop that can be used for picking up the block.   For easy interlocking, the bottom and other side have a reverse V-wedge allowing the blocks the capability to be joined together.  You can also find this block in half-size at 3’L x 2’W x 2’H weighing in at 1800 lbs,  or there is a 4’W x 2’L x 2’H block available with a weigh of 2400 lbs. We are able to load 13 full sized blocks, 26 half sized blocks or 19 4’ long blocks per flat-bed delivery.

In the central Missouri area there are three available decorative facades: river rock, cut stone, and random stack. Each of these concrete blocks Columbia MO facades are available in the following dimensions: 6’L x 2’ W x 2H’, 4’L x 2’W x 2’H, and 3’L x 2’ W x 2’H. There is a 4’W x 2’L x 2’H block available in a brick pattern.

Uses For These Versatile Concrete Blocks:

The concrete blocks Columbia MO available through Concrete Block Supply have a variety of uses.  They can be used for such things as:  retaining walls, area division, access to property prevention, rock, sand, and wood chips storage bins, anchor weights, and protection from utilities.  Other options for use are, but not limited to:  barriers to direct traffic and/or parking, boundary lines for properties, protection for buildings, barriers for above ground utilities, such as fuel tanks or propane tanks, weights for large tents or any other objects that might need to weighted down.  With the easy interlocking capabilities of these concrete blocks Columbia MO, there are unlimited configurations available for any project you might have.

How Do The Blocks Arrive at Your Location?

Two options are available to get your blocks to you.  We offer delivery or you can pick them up yourself.  For the first option, Concrete Block Supply will arrange for a flat-bed semi to deliver the blocks to your jobsite.  At this point, you will need to have the capability to offload the blocks from the truck yourself.  The equipment at your disposal will need to be able to lift 3600 lbs. for full sized blocks, 2400 lbs. for 4’ blocks, or 1800 lbs. 3’ sized blocks.  The semi’s flat-bed deck height is 5’.  The block height is 2’, so the equipment to unload the blocks must have the capability to remove the blocks from the trailer deck.  Another consideration to think about is the size of the jobsite lot.  It must be able to handle a 48’ to 53’ semi, allowing room for the truck to maneuver.  Some other helpful information is that all of the blocks have a rebar loop handle.  A chain can be attached easily to aid in their removal from the semi-bed.

The second option is for you to pick up the blocks yourself.  A day and time will be arranged with a local plant for you to come and get the blocks.  Upon your arrival, the blocks will be loaded for you.  You are responsible for the materials necessary to secure your blocks to the trailer.  We suggest chains or straps to keep your blocks secure for transport.  At the arrival at your jobsite you, you are responsible for the removal of the blocks from the trailer.  We would be happy to advise you regarding any information that you might need to make a decision on the purchase or the delivery of the concrete blocks to your jobsite.


We’d appreciate your business, and we would love to help you with your concrete block project!


Fun Facts For Central Missouri:

  • The Blue Note, one of the state’s top music venues is located in Columbia.
  • Columbia is also called “The Athens of Missouri”.
  • Columbia is also referred to as “CoMo”.
  • Grindstone is a popular spot for dogs and their owners.  It is one of the two leash free areas of Columbia.
  • Antennas are illegal in Columbia.
  • The Show Me States Games are held in Columbia.