Northern Illinois

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Ready for either delivery or pick up for the area of northern Illinois, is what we call the “v-block”. These blocks are ready to interlock together whenever needed, because they are equipped with a v-wedge on the top and side, and a reverse version of the wedge on the bottom and other side. By using the rebar handle loop on top of the block, moving the blocks around is a simple task. These blocks are available in two different sizes: a full sized, 6’x2’x2’ block weighing 3,600lbs, and a 4’x2’x2’ weighing 2,400lbs. In regards to fitting onto a trailer, 13 of the full sized blocks can be fit, and 18 of the 4’x2’x2’ blocks can be fit.

The cool thing about concrete blocks is that they have an incredible amount of uses. When put to good use, concrete blocks can make a big difference, even in the smallest of projects. Here is a list of a few ways our blocks have been utilized to make people’s and communities lives easier and more efficient: protection for fuel-/propane tanks, traffic/parking lot management, tent anchor weights, the creation of retaining walls and storage bins, property separation, common weight, utilities security, element, and storage for road districts. If you have ever used concrete blocks for anything else, or have any ideas regarding how they can be used, please let us know! We’d love to add to our list of endless concrete block possibilities!

When it comes to receiving your supply of blocks, we provide either delivery of the concrete blocks Illinois or schedule you with a pick up. For the delivery semi to properly deliver your blocks, your job site will need an adequate space up to 48’-53’. If you do not have that kind of space, we can discuss meeting at another available drop-off location and use smaller machinery to transport the blocks. In order to offload the trailer, your jobsite must also be equipped with the proper equipment to do so. This equipment must be able to lift up to 3,600lbs and reach a height of 7’+ because the trailer bed is normally 5’ and each block is 2’ tall. Moving the blocks takes no special rigging, so all you need to do is attach a chain to the rebar handle loop atop the block. If you would prefer to pick up your blocks, you will need to call our number, (again, it is 217-478-5060) and speak to someone on our team. We will gladly set you up with a date and time to visit our plant and receive your blocks. We ask that you provide us with your own straps and/or chains in order to secure the blocks, and we’ll do the loading of the blocks onto the trailer for you! If you feel uncertain about either of these processes, please give us a call and we’d love to address any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you!

Whatever you may refer to them as, we supply them. When it comes to the names of concrete blocks, it can become quite confusing because there are so many unique, altering names for each type of block. To avoid such confusion, here we have a list of the commonly used names we would typically use within our place of business. Do you have another name you’d prefer to use? Please let us know and we’ll gladly add it to our continuously growing list: barrier blocks, soldier blocks, lego blocks, bin blocks, ecology blocks, building blocks, large concrete blocks, storage wall blocks, bunker blocks, large concrete retaining wall blocks, gravity wall blocks, waste blocks, leftover concrete blocks, interlocking v-blocks, and mafia blocks. 

Fun Facts

We love providing for the Rockford, Joliet and the northern Illinois area! In fact, we’d like to share some fun facts regarding these two beautiful areas:

  • Did you know that the band “The Clash”, who are Rock N Roll Hall of Famers, are based in Rockford?
  • In Joliet, the Joliet Junior College became the first ever public community college in the United States.
  • Called “The Jewel of Joliet”, the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet was voted one of the world’s top ten most beautiful theatres.

.Are you located in northern Illinois and in need of a reliable and exceptional customer service based company to provide you with a supply of concrete blocks Illinois? If so, please consider giving us a call. To let us know how we can help you, please call the number: 815-668-0483​.

In the northern region of Illinois are the two cities of Rockford and Joliet. Rockford, located in Winnebago County and next to the Rock River, is the largest Illinoian city besides the Chicago metropolitan area. Rockford is known for its economy focusing on aerospace, automotives, and health care. Joliet, on the other hand, is settled in the counties of Will and Kendall and is the third largest city in Illinois. People tend to enjoy visiting the four different golf courses within the city, biking on the miles of trails, and enjoying the water park along Route 6.

If you are not located in either of those two cities and are still interested in doing business with us, not to worry! We are proud to service people and worksites all over the U.S. Below, we have a list of some other cities in, or close, to the northern region of Illinois that we will gladly provide for. Still don’t see your location listed below? Please feel free to give us a call and we would still love to see how we can help you!: Morris, Woodridge, Midlothian, Markham, Oak Forest, Plainfield, Hazel Crest, Wilmington, Goodings Grove, Welco Corners, Homer Glen, Romeoville, Manhattan, Kempton, Burns Harbor, Lasaville, Niles, Porter, Saint Charles, Avondale, Herscher, Harwood Heights, Lincoln Park, Grand Ridge, Big Rock, Eldridge, Ogden Dunes, Elk Grove, Williams Bay, New Berlin, Fontana, Peoria Heights, Joslin, Milwaukee, Clinton, Galva, Plymouth, Winslow, Sleepy Hollow, Freeport, Beloit, and Naperville.