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Concrete Block Types

Each type of concrete blocks OKC, depending on the location and jobsite, has quite a few variant names. Sometimes, this can be a bit confusing when working with other companies and on different job sites.  However, here is a list we put together of some of the more widely known concrete block names: bunker blocks, barrier blocks, lego blocks, ecology blocks, bin blocks, mafia blocks, soldier blocks, gravity wall blocks, building blocks, storage wall blocks, large concrete blocks, stackable blocks, jumbo blocks, waste blocks, large concrete retaining wall blocks, and leftover concrete blocks. If you are accustomed to using some different names other than those listed above, please let us know and we will add them to our list!

Regularly available to Oklahoma City and surrounding areas is called a “V-block.” The block coined this name because of its signature aspect of having a v-shaped wedge located on it’s top and side. If needed, you can easily interlock these blocks by using the v-wedge and the reverse v-wedge located on the opposite side and bottom of the block. These concrete blocks OKC are 6’x2’x2’ and weigh 3,600lbs. Only thirteen of these blocks can fit on an average trailer bed. In addition, the top of this block is equipped with a rebar handle loop, which makes moving and picking up the blocks a breeze!

We also can offer you a 4’L x 2’W x 2’H V-wedge block w/ a brick face. These blocks weight 2,400 lbs each and you can fit up to 18 blocks on a truck.

How are our blocks used? 

Our blocks, when thoughtfully used, can create a helpful difference in a number of ways for lots of people, projects, and organizations. Here are a few examples of how our blocks have been used in order to make some areas of life easier and more efficient: general weight, utilities protection, property security,parking lot management, concrete retaining walls, anchor weights, creation of storage bins, traffic control, propane/fuel tank protection, and road district storage. Please let us know some of the ways you’ve put concrete blocks to good use! There is endless possibility, especially with all the types, shapes, and sizes of blocks out there. 

How do you get the blocks? 

In order to receive your concrete blocks OKC, our transport methods consist of delivery or pick up. For delivery to go smoothly, there are a few, basic requirements you and your site must meet. First, your site must have adequate space for a 48’-53’ semi to turn around and exit. If the site does not have this much available space, we can discuss another, nearby delivery location and use smaller  equipment to transport the blocks to the actual site. Your site must also have proper machinery equipped to unload the blocks from the trailer once it arrives. Your machinery must be able to withstand carrying at least 3,600lbs of weight and must reach up to 7’+ because, in height, the typical trailer is 5’ and each block is 2’. Luckily, there is no special rigging required for moving these blocks. All you need to do is attach a proper chain to the rebar handle loop located atop the block. If you would prefer the method of block pick up, you will be required to call and schedule a date and time to come to our facility and pick up the concrete blocks OKC yourself! Although we do the loading of the blocks onto the trailer for you, you will be asked to provide chains and/or straps in order to securely fasten the blocks. Are you confused or unsure about either of our systems regarding delivery or pick up? No problem. Our team is readily available to answer and address any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to reach out and give us a call. Again, our number is: 833-763-1711. Thank you!

Fun Facts

We love providing for the whole country and individual, wonderful locations such as Oklahoma City. In fact, we’d love to share some fun facts about this beautiful city and state:


  • Sylvan N. Goldman of Humpty Dumpty and Standard Food Market grocery chains of Oklahoma, created the first shopping cart in 1937.
  • The Museum of Osteology, consisting of over three-hundred displays, is America’s only skeleton museum and is located in Oklahoma City.
  • Oklahoma is the only U.S state that produces the element iodine. It is also one of the only four states that produce helium.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, being both Oklahoma’s state capital and largest city, is quite well known and has a pretty heavily populated metropolitan area with around 1,396,445 people! Oklahoma City is located near I-35 and in the state’s “Frontier Region “, while the northeast section of the city is within an area they call “Cross Timbers’ ‘.  Although the city’s economy relies mainly on its supply of oil, petroleum products, and natural gas, it is one of the world’s largest livestock markets.

We love not only providing help to Oklahoma City residents, but we take pride in being able to supply for cities all over the country. So, don’t worry if you are located outside of Oklahoma City, because we would still love to help you with your concrete block needs. Here is a list of some “example” cities we also provide for: Seminole, Pauls Valley, New Castle, Kingfisher, Stroud, Geary, Meeker, Chandler, Crescent, Langston, Concho, Chickasha, Shawnee, Lexington, Purcell, Wellston, Choctaw, Goldsby, Lakeview, Norman, Arcadia, Stella, Jones, Waterloo, Newalla, Mustang, New Castle, Banner, Edmond, Duncan, Sapulpa, Sulphur, Ada, Henryetta, Clinton, Lawton, Wewoka, Davis, Bristow, Okemah, Cushing, Weatherford, Stillwater, Paden, Summit, Carter, Hollister, Lebanon, Warner, Sayre, McAlester, Madill, Owasso, Caldwell, and Eufaula. Can’t seem to find your project location on the list? No worries, please give us a call and we will figure out a way we can help you.

Do you have a project located in, or around, Oklahoma City that is in need of a supply of concrete blocks OKC? Well, you’ve come to the correct place. We are positive we can help you with all of your concrete blocks OKC needs. To speak to our qualified team, please give us a call at: 572-213-4910