Northwest Arizona

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The type of block we have currently and frequently available for the northwest Arizona area is what we like to call the v-block. On top of the v-block is a rebar handle loop, which makes maneuvering the blocks easy. The full sized version of these blocks measure to be 6’x2’x2’ and weigh 3,600lbs, while the half sized version measures 3’x2’x2’ and weighs 1,800lbs. For each flatbed, thirteen full sized or twenty-six half sized blocks can be fit. In addition, these blocks have something called a v-wedge both on the top and side of the block, which makes connecting the blocks quite simple. So if you need to connect your blocks for your particular project, that’s no problem!

We do also offer blocks that have a random brick façade on one side. They come in both the 6’ long blocks and the 3’ long blocks, so if you are looking for something a little more decorative, we have you covered.

What Service Do Our Blocks Provide?

We would love to help you out with any of your concrete block needs! Our blocks have been used in a number of ways to help people make their projects quicker, easier, and more efficient. There are countless uses for these blocks, but here are a few examples of how our blocks can provide for you and your project: common weight, the creation of storage bins, security for fuel or propane tanks, traffic control, parking lot management, utilities protection, property separation, storage for road districts, anchor weights, and retaining walls. There may be many more uses out there, but we hope to help provide you with blocks that meet your specific, individual needs. 

How Do We Get the Blocks to You? 

The two methods of block transport we use are through delivery or pick up. In order to provide you with delivery, you will be required to have equipment on-site in order to unload the trailer. Depending on the size of the block being delivered, your machinery must be able to withstand carrying 1,800-3,600lbs. Although the blocks require no special rigging, your machinery must be able to reach a height of 7’+, because the truck bed is typically 5’ high, while the blocks are 2’ in height. By connecting a chain to the rebar handle loop atop the block, you can move the blocks off of the trailer with ease. Another requirement to keep in mind is that your site must have a space of at least 48’-53’ in order for the semi to maneuver. If the site is not spacious enough, we can discuss meeting at another location and using smaller equipment to relocate the blocks to the actual site. If you would rather do pick up instead of delivery, you can give us a call and we can set you up with a date and time to visit our facility and pick up the blocks yourself! No need to worry, because we will load the blocks onto the trailer ourselves! All you will need to do is bring your own chains and/or straps in order to secure the blocks. If you have any questions or concerns, we’d love to speak with you on the matter. Again, our number is 602-887-2990. 

Concrete blocks have all kinds of uses, along with an ever-growing list of varying names. One type of block may be referred to completely differently when it comes to altering people and companies. Although there are countless names for each, here is a small list we put together of the more commonly used names among our products: bunker blocks, waste blocks, building blocks, storage wall blocks, mafia blocks, ecology blocks, large concrete retaining wall blocks, gravity wall blocks, lego blocks, bin blocks, interlocking v-blocks, soldier blocks, large concrete blocks, jumbo blocks, stackable concrete blocks, barrier blocks, and leftover concrete blocks. If you are accustomed to calling some certain blocks by a different name other than the ones listed above, let us know and we’d love to expand our list!

Fun Facts

We love providing not only for northwest Arizona, but for all over the country. However, we would love to share some fun facts regarding your particular state:

  • There are 22 monuments and national parks within the state of Arizona.
  • Arizona’s state gemstone is Turquoise and the state flower is the Saguaro Cactus Flower.
  • Humphrey’s Peak is the highest natural point within the state of Arizona (12,633ft).
  • The all-time record high temperature in Arizona history with 128 °F recorded on June 29, 1994 in Lake Havasu City


Northwest Arizona

Two major cities located in this area and in the county of Mohave are Kingman and Lake Havasu City. Kingman City, located 105 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada and 165 miles northeast of Arizona’s state capital, Phoenix. Lake Havasu City however, is considered to be geographically “isolated” from the other cities in Mohave county. In addition, Lake Havasu is the southernmost city in part of the community of Las Vegas-Henderson, NV-AZ CSA.

If you are not located in either of these two, exact cities, not to worry! We provide business opportunities for people and projects ranging all over. Not only do we help out Kingman and Lake Havasu, we also supply for the following locations (some of which are located in Nevada and California as well!): Mojave City, Parker Junction, Desert Hills, Peach Springs, Wikieup, Oatman, Dolan Springs, White Hills, Truxton, Laughlin, Bullhead City, Hackberry, Franconia, Cerbat, Chloride, Antares, Walapai, Stockton, Yucca, Harris, Santa Claus, Berry, Golden Valley, McConnico, Getz, Henderson, Signal, Powell, Goffs, Ash Fork, Bonelli Landing, Junction City, Meadview, Boulder City, Seligman, Arizona Village, Earp, Bluewater, Havilaland, Cienega Springs, Topock, Parker Dam, Palo Verde, Planet, Amboy, New Hope, White Hills, and Wenden. If you cannot locate your city on this list, please give us a call. We’d still love to help you!

Do you have a project located in northwest Arizona requiring the use of concrete blocks? If so, please consider giving us a call at 928-968-6678. We gladly provide exceptional and flexible concrete block service not only for northwest Arizona, but for the whole country.