Babylon, NY

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We provide concrete bin blocks in Babylon, NY, but what exactly are these products and why are they worth purchasing for your project? These blocks are an affordable and environmentally friendly option for your project. They are able to be used in projects both large and small scale as well. These blocks are extremely useful as they have the ability to be slid together and interlocked, thanks to their handy v-wedges. Each block has four of these v-wedges total. You can find a protruding v-wedge on both the top and side of the block, while you can find an inverted v-wedge on both the top and other side. These opposite shaped v-wedge structures are what give the blocks the ability to be slid together so easily. Another helpful feature that these blocks possess are their rebar handle loop, which can be found on the top of each block. This loop frees you from having to have any special or complicated rigging equipment in order to move the blocks around. When it comes to sizing, we offer these blocks in one size for the city of Babylon, NY. We offer a 6’ x 2’ x 2’ block that weighs 3,600lbs. The trailer that holds these blocks for transport are able to carry thirteen of these blocks at the same time. If you have any questions or would like further information about these blocks, please give us a call today and we would love to chat with you. Thanks! 917-203-1200

We provide concrete barrier blocks in Babylon, NY, but how can these blocks be used? There are a lot of different current and possible uses for these blocks. Some of the more common projects that these blocks have been used in include anchor weights for large tents, property separation, concrete retaining walls, fuel/propane tank protection, storage bins, road district material storage, utilities security, parking lot management, traffic control, and general weight. If you have any ideas or questions regarding these blocks’ usage or further usage ideas, please give us a call.

We provide concrete bin blocks in Babylon, NY. After you purchase these blocks, how can you expect to receive them? We offer two different methods of block transportation and receival that you can select from. We offer the option of having your blocks delivered or having you come pick up your blocks. You are able to select whichever method you prefer, but please note that we will need your help with a couple of requirements, regardless of which method you choose. There are a couple of requirements necessary on your end of things in order to make sure that these processes go safely and smoothly. We will walk you through these requirements below. Please contact our team if you have any questions or concerns! First off, for the block delivery process, you will need to have equipment that is of the proper size and on-site to offload the blocks from the trailer once they arrive. In order to offload the blocks safely and smoothly, this equipment will be required to carry the weight of your blocks safely (1,800-3,600lbs) and reach a height of 7 ‘+ because, in height, the trailer is about 5’ and the blocks are about 2’. Second, you will need to have the proper amount of space required so that the delivery semi is able to safely enter and exit the block drop off site. For this to take place, a space of 47’-53’ will be required. Do you not have access to this much space? Not to worry. We can always offload the blocks at another nearby area and then use smaller equipment to transport the blocks to the actual, desired site. That wraps up the requirements for the block delivery process so we will now move onto those of the block pick up process. First, you will need to give us a call. During this call, you will be able to speak with one of our friendly team members and arrange a block pick up date and time. At this specific date and time you will be able to come to one of our facilities and pick up your blocks. When you come to pick them up we ask that you please bring along a set of chains and/or straps that can be used to secure the blocks down to the trailer once they are loaded up. We will load the blocks onto the trailer for you though, so no need to worry about that part of things. That is all that is required for the block pick up process as well. Again, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever. We also appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding these requirements. Thank you!


We provide concrete barrier blocks in Babylon, NY even if you know these blocks by another name. Since there are a lot of concrete block nicknames out there, chances are that you know these blocks by an alternate name. Even if you do, we would love to hear what other concrete block nicknames you know of! Here are some of the more common concrete block nicknames that we know of: ecology blocks, waste blocks, lego blocks, jumbo blocks, bin blocks, soldier blocks, mafia blocks, barrier blocks, storage wall blocks, leftover concrete blocks, stackable concrete blocks, gravity wall blocks, interlocking v-blocks, and large concrete retaining wall blocks. If you know of any others, please let us know and we can add those names to our list as well!


City of Babylon

Covering 114.3 square miles in the southeastern region of the northeastern U.S. state of New York is the beautiful city of Babylon. Babylon is situated on Long Island on the Atlantic Ocean side, specifically on Great South Bay. Some attractions in this area include Argyle Lake Park, The Argyle Theatre at Babylon Village, Adventureland Amusement Park, Robert Moses State Park- Long Island, Captree State Park, and The Adventure Park at Long Island. We provide concrete bin blocks in Babylon, NY. 


Fun Facts

The city of Babylon is a beautiful city and we are happy to be able to extend our services to it! Here is a fun fact about this city that you may find interesting:

  1. What is Babylon’s nickname? “Babylon Village”!


We provide concrete barrier blocks in Babylon, NY. Although we are more than happy to be able to provide for this city, we provide our services to other cities around Babylon and all over the country really. We would love to provide for your project, even if it is not located within the exact city of Babylon. Therefore, please feel free to give us a call, wherever you may be located and we can let you know how we can best serve you! Below we listed some cities that can be found within two hours of Babylon as “example cities”. Our services are not exclusively for these locations either, they are just here as examples. Here are some of the cities within two hours of Babylon, NY: Bellport, Syosset, Huntington Station, Brookhaven, Lake Grove, Jericho, New Cassel, Farmingville, Freeport, Lake Ronkonkoma, Nesconset, East Patchogue, Uniondale, East Northport, South Huntington, Coney Island, Long Island City, Bushwick, Southampton, Brooklyn Heights, Co-Op City, Maspeth, Corona, Elmhurst, Woodhaven, Flushing, Forest Hills, Kings Point, Sea Cliff, Shoreham, Short Hills, Mahwah, Cortlandt Manor, Fairfield, Clark, West Orange, Pound Ridge, Caldwell, Lincoln Park, Irvington, Oakland, Colonia, New City, Spring valley, Cedar Grove, Point Pleasant, Oxford, Bordentown, Spring Lake, Washingtonville, Hamden, Southbury, Beacon, East Haven, Central Valley, Vernon, Naugatuck, New Haven, Sea Bright, and Hopewell Junction. 

Our team here at Concrete Block Supply is ready to help and serve you! We offer the promise of friendly, reliable customer service, as well as affordable, environmentally friendly concrete blocks that are great for all kinds of purposes. We would love to hear from you and know how we can best serve you. Please check out our website at: or give us a call at the following number: 917-203-1200 Thank you!