California Bay Area

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The block readily available for the bay area of California is a 6’x2’x2’ v-wedge block that weighs 3,600lbs. This block is easy to manage and use in a number of different projects. If you need the block to interlock, that’s not a problem. These blocks are equipped with their signature v-wedge on the top and side of the block, with a reverse version of the wedge on the bottom and side, enabling the blocks to fit together. To move these blocks, you can use the rebar handle loop located atop the block. In addition, thirteen of these blocks can fit per flatbed. 

Like we mentioned before, concrete blocks have quite a few names, along with a variety of uses as well. When concrete blocks are put to good use, they can make quite an impact on projects, big and small. Some of the ways people have used our concrete blocks are by: controlling traffic, tent anchor weights, creation of bins used for storage, property security, road district storage, fuel/propane tank protection, management of parking lots, general weight, retaining walls made from concrete, and protection of utilities. If you have used concrete blocks in a different way, or come up with a new use idea, we’d love to know!

We offer either delivery or pick up when it comes to the transportation of our blocks. To go through the process of pick up, you will need to call us, (again, our number is:  833-763-1711) and we will set you up with a date and time to visit our facility and pick up the blocks yourself. However, we will load the blocks onto the trailer for you, but in order to secure the blocks, we ask that you provide us with chains and/or straps. For the process of delivery, there are a few more requirements that must be met. First, your jobsite must have the adequate machinery needed to offload the blocks. This machinery must be able to lift at least 3,600lbs and reach a height of 7’+ because the blocks are all 2’ in height, while the trailer is 5’. Luckily, these blocks take no special rigging. To maneuver the blocks, all you are required to do is attach a chain to the rebar handle loop. Lastly, in order for the delivery semi to enter and exit the site, you must have an available space up to 47’-53’. If not, we can discuss delivering at another nearby area and moving the blocks to the actual site by use of smaller machinery. If you have any questions or concerns regarding either of these modes of transport, please give us a call! We’d love to hear from you. 

Regardless of what you call them, we provide them. Concrete blocks have a variety of different names, along with a list of many different types, styles, and uses. Here we have a list of some of the more commonly used names within our business: ecology blocks, lego blocks, mafia blocks, interlocking v-blocks, large concrete blocks, bin blocks, barrier blocks, soldier blocks, building blocks, jumbo blocks, leftover concrete blocks, storage wall blocks, large concrete retaining wall blocks, gravity wall blocks, bunker blocks, and waste blocks. If you have, or come up with, any more names for particular concrete blocks, please let us know.

Fun Facts

We love serving Oakland, San Francisco, and all areas, near and far. In fact, we’d like to share some interesting facts about your local, California bay area:

  • Did you know that the first Chinese fortune cookie was created in San Francisco?
  • Did you know that the Pixar animated movie “Up”, featured a small scene showing an ice cream shop, “Fentons Creamery”, that actually exists in Oakland, CA?

Do you have a project in need of a concrete block supply located around the bay area of California? If so, we’d love to help provide for you! Our team’s service is quick, reliable, and easily accessible. To speak with us on your concrete block needs, please give us a call at: 833-763-1711


The Bay Area of California (Oakland, San Francisco)

Oakland, the county seat and largest city in Alameda County, California, serves as a trade center in the San Francisco Bay Area. The city is 78.0 square miles in size, while 22.2 of these miles are covered by water. Although the city has 19 miles of shoreline, there is only one beach: Radio Beach. Topping the number one spot on “America’s Most Exciting Cities”, Oakland has grown to become a major travel destination, featuring grand music venues, top tier restaurants, movie theaters, and museums. 

San Francisco, probably one of the most well known cities in the state of California, is officially both the county and city of San Francisco, covering around 49.6 square miles. This city is home to the headquarters of a number of large companies, such as Wells Fargo, Twitter, and Uber. San Francisco is a major tourist destination, being known for its signature landscape and weather, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and it’s Chinatown section of the city. 

Is your project located elsewhere? No problem, we’d still love to help you in any way we can. Below we have a list of other cities in, or near the Californian bay city area that we would also like to extend our service to. If you can’t find your city on this list of names either, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can figure out a way to help you. Some other cities we proudly serve are: Tracy, Sonoma, Rohnert Park, Cupertino, Stanford, Half Moon Bay, Sunnyvale, Napa, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Campbell, Vacaville, Santa Clara, Brentwood, Concord, Brisbane, Danville, Daly City, Hercules, San Bruno, Hayward, Pinole, Alamo, Moraga, Cloverdale, Calistoga, Lodi, Ceres, Patterson, Woodland, Stockton, Capitola, Aptos, Gilroy, Santa Cruz, Ukiah, Merced, Carmel, Gadwall, Placerville, Yuba City, Dean, Atwater, Marysville, Ashland, San Carlos, Lafayette, Foster City, Richmond, Belmont, San Pablo, Sausalito, Orinda, Alameda, Oakley, Fairland, Saratoga, Antioch, Livermore, Soquel, Ripon, Aptos, Seaside, Auburn, Lincoln, Los Banos, and Livingston.