Detroit, Michigan

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We provide bin blocks in Detroit, Michigan…but what kind of block do we provide? Well, that is what we will now discuss. We offer what we call a v-wedge block, which comes in two different sizes for this location. The first size is a 6’ x 2’ x 2’ block, which weighs 3,600lbs and thirteen of them can fit on a truck trailer. The second size is a 3’ x 2’ x 2’ block, which weighs 1,800lbs and twenty-six of them can fit on a truck trailer. These blocks are called v-wedge blocks because of their signature v-wedges, which serve as their interlocking system. Each block has two sets of v-wedges, one on the top and side and one on the bottom and other side. These sets of wedges enable the blocks to slide together smoothly and easily, making them useful for a number of projects. In addition, these blocks have a rebar handle loop located on the top of the block, which can be used for moving the blocks around. If you have any questions about these v-blocks, or any of our other blocks, please give us a call! 313-210-1222

Along with having many different names, concrete blocks also have a lot of different uses. Our blocks have been used all over the country for a variety of projects, big and small. We believe tht concrete blocks can make a great addition to any project, whether it be a personal project, or a community project. Some of the ways our blocks have been put to good use include: storage bins, parking lot management, traffic control, general weight, fuel and/or propane tank protection, anchor weights for tents, concrete retaining walls, property separation, road district storage, and utilities security. If you have any ideas that could further the use of concrete blocks, please feel free to give us a call! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

We provide concrete barrier blocks in Detroit, Michigan…but how do you receive your blocks after ordering them? Well, we have two different transport methods available for you!  We provide either delivery or pick up for your blocks. First off, we will discuss delivery. In order for the delivery process to go smoothly and safely, there are a few basic requirements that must be met for your drop off site. You must have the right block-offloading equipment on site for when the delivery truck arrives. Because each block is 2’ in height and the trailer is 5’, your equipment must be able to reach a height of up to 7’+. In addition, the equipment must be able to withstand carrying a weight of up to 3,600 or 1,800lbs, depending on the size of block you are having delivered. Next, your offloading site must have a space of 47’-53’ available so that the delivery semi can properly and safely enter and exit the site. If this much space is unavailable, we can discuss dropping off the blocks at another location and moving the blocks to the actual, desired site by use of smaller machinery. Now, we will discuss the other transport option: pick up. Your first step in order to select pick up is to give us a call. Someone from our exceptional team will set you up with a date and time to come pick up your blocks at our plant. Please bring along a set of straps and/or chains so that we can secure the blocks to the trailer bed safely. We will do the loading of the blocks onto the trailer for you though, so no need to worry about that part. If you have any questions about delivery or pick up, please give us a call and we’d like to help address them. 


We provide bin blocks in Detroit, Michigan. So, if you have a project located in, or near, Detroit that is in need of a supply of concrete blocks, you’ve come to the right place. We are proud to be able to say that we provide for cities all over the country, serving with quality products and a wonderful team ready to help you with all your concrete block needs. To let us how we can help you, please calling the following number: 312-210-1222


The City of Detroit

The city of Detroit is actually Michigan’s largest city The city covers an area of around 142.87 square miles and is an important port along the Detroit river. A notable part of the city is the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, which is actually the only international wildlife preserve in America. Within this 48 miles of river shoreline area is islands, marshes, coastal wetlands, and shoals. Tourist attractions include the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Zoo, and the Eastern Market. We provide concrete barrier blocks in Detroit, Michigan. 

We provide bin blocks in Detroit, MI AND surrounding cities and towns. So, if you are not located in the exact city of Detroit, we’d still love to help you! Below we have a list of cities, all within a certain mileage from Detroit, that we also serve. If you can’t seem to find your project location on this list please give a call and we would still love to help you in any way possible. Here are some cities around Detroit that we also proudly serve: Wyandotte, Garden City, Birmingham, Farmington Hills, Fraser, South Rockwood, Romulus, Riverview, Troy, Inkster, Bingham Farms, Woodhaven, Taylor, Livonia, Eastpointe, Grand Blanc, Goodrich, Chelsea, Marine City, Temperance, White Lake, Howell, Saint Clair, Maybee, Marysville, Hartland, Holly, Dexter, Ortonville, Monroe, Albion, Frankenmuth, Dimondale, East Lansing, Corunna, Adrian, Bowling Green, Maumee, Lansing, Mason, Holt, Haslett, Spring Arbor, Lonia, Norwalk, Pinconning, Ithaca, Quincy, Huron, Hemlock, Bluffton, Midland, Sandusky, Defiance, Tiffin, Findlay, Essexville, and Holgate. 

We provide concrete barrier blocks in Detroit, MI, although you may know them by a different name. Concrete blocks actually have a variety of different names, which can be assigned to a particular block for different reasons. Some reasons a block can receive a certain name could be its size, shape, attributes, and origins. So, to help you learn some of the concrete block names we typically use, we created a list of them down below: bin blocks, barrier blocks, soldier blocks, waste locks, ecology blocks, lego blocks, jumbo blocks, mafia blocks, interlocking v-blocks,,stackable concrete blocks, leftover concrete blocks, storage wall blocks, gravity wall blocks, and large concrete retaining wall blocks. If you have any other block names that you use or think we should add to the list, let us know! 


Fun Facts

We love providing for not only the city of Detroit, but for cities all over the country. But, since we are focused on the beautiful city of Detroit, we’d like to share some fun facts regarding this city with you!

  1. Did you know that Detroit was the first U.S city to assign individual telephone numbers?
  2. Did you know that Detroit is deemed “The Potato Chip Capital”? While the rest of Americans consume an average of around 4lbs of potato chips per year, people from Detroit consume around 7lbs!
  3. Did you know that the first mile of concrete road in the U.S was paved in Detroit?