Las Vegas, Nevada

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We provide bin blocks in Las Vegas, Nevada. These blocks come in a few different sizes, weights, and styles. The blocks we supply for Las Vegas and surrounding cities include the following: First, we have a plain V-wedge block, coming in two sizes, a 6´x2´x2´ weighing 3,600lbs and a 3´x2´x2´ weighing 1,800 lbs. A trailer bed can typically fit either 13 full sized blocks or 26 half sized blocks. These blocks are equipped with a regular v-wedge on the top and side and a reverse version of the wedge on the bottom and other side, which enable the blocks to smoothly lock together for a variety of projects. In order to move these blocks, you can simply use the rebar handle loop located atop the block. We also offer these blocks with a style including a random brick design. The other block we provide is a full sized lego block, measuring 5´x2.5´x2.5´ and weighing 4,700lbs. We also offer a half sized version of the block measuring 2.5´x2.5´x2.5´ and weighing 2350lbs. Nine of the full sized blocks can fit on a typical trailer bed. For these particular blocks to interlock, they are equipped with two holes on the bottom of the block, in addition to two, lego-shaped cylinders on the top.  725-600-5566

How can our blocks be utilized? There are many ways concrete blocks can be used in all areas of industry and communities. Some examples of the various ways of usage can be found in the following list: security for utilities, barriers for propane tanks or above ground fuel tanks, anchor weights, creating storage bins, road district storage, parking lot management, traffic control, separation or property, and retaining walls made from concrete. There are so many more uses out there and if you have any ideas on how to further the usage of concrete barrier blocks in Las Vegas, Nevada, please let us know!

For transportation of the concrete bin blocks in Las Vegas, Nevada, we offer two options: pickup or delivery. In order to go through the process of picking up the blocks, you will need to give us a call and we will schedule you a visit to visit our plant and pick up the blocks yourself. Please bring along a set of chains and/or straps in order to secure the blocks to the trailer bed. However, we will load the blocks onto the trailer for you. For delivery, you will need to have the proper, adequate machinery in order to offload the blocks once the truck arrives. Because the trailer is 5´ in height and each block is 2´ in height, your machinery must be able to reach a height of up to 7´+ for removal of the blocks. The machinery used must also be able to lift weights up to 4700, 3600, 2350, or 1800lbs, depending on the type of block being delivered.  In addition, to enter and exit the site, the delivery truck must have a space of 48´-53´ available. If your drop off site cannot meet this requirement, we can discuss meeting at another, nearby location and moving the blocks with smaller equipment. If you have any questions or concerns on how either of these transportation methods work, please feel free to give us a call! 725-600-5566

We provide concrete barrier blocks in Las Vegas, Nevada, regardless of what you might call them. Concrete blocks actually have all different types of names, varying from person to person and place to place. Some of the more commonly used names for blocks within our area of business are names such as: soldier blocks, jumbo blocks, lego blocks, interlocking v-blocks, waste blocks, large concrete retaining wall blocks, stackable concrete blocks, gravity wall blocks, bin blocks, leftover concrete blocks, ecology blocks, mafia blocks, barrier blocks, and storage wall blocks. If you have any other names you think would be worth adding to our list, please let us know! We’d love to hear your feedback!


Fun Facts

We love providing concrete barrier blocks in Las Vegas, Nevada and all over the country. But since we are focusing in on the particular, wondrous city of Las Vegas, we’d love to share some fun facts regarding it: 

  1. In all of Las Vegas, there is an estimated total of around 150,259 hotel rooms! 
  2. When looking from outer space, the Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on Earth!
  3. Did you know that the shrimp consumption in Las Vegas is much more than the combined national average, at 60,000lbs of shrimp per day?


If you are in need of concrete barrier blocks in Las Vegas, Nevada, please consider us for help! We provide reliable, quick, and exceptional service to cities located all over the country. Whether you would like pick up or delivery for bin blocks in Las Vegas, Nevada, we will help you! To speak with us on your concrete block needs and projects, please call us at: 725-600-5566


The City of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, otherwise known as The Entertainment Capital of the World, is the county seat of Clark County and is the most populous city in the state of Nevada. The city is the largest of the cities within the Mojave Desert and encircled by mountains covers a vast area of 135.86 square miles. This world-famous city is renowned for its large casino hotels, fine dining, shopping, entertainment, and the city lights at night. We provide concrete barrier blocks in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

We not only provide bin blocks in Las Vegas, Nevada, but for cities near and far. We service areas in Nevada such as: Boulder City, McKeeversville, Dry Lake, Erie, Sloan, Bard, Arden, Texas Acres, Arrolime, Carver Park, Victory Village, Spring Valley, Henderson, Apex, Enterprise, Moapa Valley, Sandy Valley, Lincoln City, Searchlight, Desert View Point, Borax, Cactus Springs, Mount Charleston, Moapa Town, Indian Springs, Nelson, Primm, Ute, Blue Diamond, Alamo, Chloride, Baker, Dolan Springs, Littlefiel, Amargosa Valley, Bunkerville, Pahrump, Mesquite, Nipton, Overton, Meadview, Mohave Valley, Leeland, Hardyville, Santa Clara, Shivwits, Harrisburg Junction, and some neighboring Californian cities such as: Talc, Hart, Manix, Acme, Zzyzx, Evelyn, Parker Junction, and Cronese Valley. If you or your jobsite are not located within any of the cities listed above, please do not hesitate to give us a call! We would love to speak with you and discuss how we can best serve you, regardless of location.