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see different Mafia Blocks KANSAS CITY, KS photos of what Concrete Block Supply has in store by going online to work website today. While you are there, you have the option to see different ways that you can use our materials for your project. For instance, if you’d like to see how you can build your retaining wall, then we have plenty of information, tricks, and tips on our website. This is where you will see that this is the most popular use of our precast concrete blocks. see how you can create a retaining wall that is effective for your property.

Use our Mafia Blocks KANSAS CITY, KS products and services at Concrete Block Supply, and see how we will be able to help you understand how we have cost-effective solutions. Whenever we form Our cast, we have done so in specific sizes. For this type of block, we can build a 6 ft in length by 2 ft and width by 2 ft in height block or we will have the options of a 5 ft in length by 2.5 ft and width by 2.5 ft in height with them when at about 4,700 lb. This is going to be important information for whenever it is pick up or delivery time.

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