Do you want to work on a new project but don’t know where to go to get your concrete blocks? We’ll look no further because Concrete Bin Blocks Tulsa, OK will supply you all the materials you need to be successful. Here at our plant we want to make sure that you leave with our material 100% happy. We want to know that the products that you purchase from us will make a difference when it comes to your project.

The block that is regularly available for Tulsa and other nearby locations is what we like to call the V block. This block is a little bit different from the other blocks that we commonly have at other locations. This block does only come in one size and that is a 6x2x2 that weighs 3600 lb. As far as transporting the V blocks you can only fit 13 of these blocks on the average trailer bed. These blocks are equipped with the wedges that are on the top and the side and reverse V wedge is on the opposite side and bottom. This makes connecting the block so much more similar. If you do plan on transporting these blocks then it just got so much easier with the use of the rebar handle loop on the top of the concrete blocks.

We can also offer you a 4Lx2Wx2hv wedge block that has a brick face. This block can weigh up to about 2,400 lb and you can lift up to 18 blocks on a trailer bed here at our Concrete Bin Blocks Tulsa, OK. Once again, blocks do have different names and uses and can be used in all kinds of ways. We use a lot of our blocks for many different types of projects and all sorts of work sites. The importance of concrete blocks is usually overlooked but it won’t change the fact that they can make a very helpful difference in many ways.

A few ways blogs have been used at Concrete Bin Blocks Tulsa, OK would be for controlling traffic, road district storage, propane / fuel tank security, anchor weights, creation for storage bins, managing parking lots, property separation, as well as general weights. This is just a small list of the things that blocks are used for and if you could think of any other projects that you may have in mind you are more than welcome to contact us with those ideas so we can add them to the list.

if you are curious on how are Services work and where we are located as far as our other locations if you’re not in the nearby Tulsa Oklahoma location then you can visit our website at from there you can also fill out a form for every quote regarding our concrete block supplies. If you are ready to purchase your very own concrete block for your next project you can give us a call at 918-398-4500. one of our Associates will be more than happy to assist you in any of the questions you may have as far as purchasing our concrete block supplies.

Concrete Bin Blocks Tulsa, OK| helping you with your next concrete project

We know that you are struggling to find a concrete block supply company that will provide for you and your very many project needs. Here at Concrete Bin Blocks Tulsa, OK we can provide to you all the concrete block supplies needed in Tulsa oklahoma. We want to provide you with nothing but the best product that we can offer to you and your projects that you plan on working on in the near future. so make sure you pick up the phone and give us a call today because our concrete block Supply plant is ready to supply for you and all of your upcoming project needs. We want you to feel like the best because you are the best.

There are many different names that we use for our blocks but here in Tulsa we use what we call a block. This block comes in one size and that size is a A 6x2x2. This block can weigh up to about 3600 lb. It is special because the block is ready to interlock with others if needed. There’s also a rebar handle loop at the top of the concrete blocks. So to make Transportation a lot easier for the blocks you will use this rebar Loop handle without having to use any special rigging equipment.

We can also offer you a 4L x 2W x 2h wedge block with a brick face. This block only weighs 2400 lb each and you can lift up to 18 blocks in the truck here at Concrete Bin Blocks Tulsa, OK. If you are interested in having your blocks delivered to you then you will need to Make sure that your truck has at least 48 to 53 in available space for it to safely enter and exit our plant and for it to be able to turn around when needed. If your location does not meet the room minimum requirement of Space we can deliver the blocks to another nearby location and use smaller Machinery to locate the blocks. if your job site must also have a requirement of the adequate equipment which your Machinery should withstand carrying over 3600 lb. your Machinery must also reach out to 7 ft.

When it comes to delivering your blocks from Concrete Bin Blocks Tulsa, OK, you will need to color and schedule a time and date to come pick up your blocks. Once you have scheduled a time and date to come in and receive your blocks, then be below the blocks onto your trailer for you. you will need to make sure that you do have an additional set of straps and or chains to and make sure that the blocks are securely safe onto your trailer bed.

If you have any more questions or you think you are interested in purchasing your very concrete block then please visit our website at You can also call our phone number at 918-398-4500 if you have any questions about our company or our concrete block supplies.