Are you looking to work on your next project or even construction side job but need concrete blocks to do it? Well that is why Concrete Bin Blocks SAN BERNARDINO, CA is here to provide you with the best concrete blocks you can get in town. our location provides two types of blocks and those two boxes are the V – wedge block in the Lego block and the best part they both come into different sizes! stop procrastinating on that project you have been trying to work on for the past year because you haven’t had any concrete blocks. Well, the wait is over. Come on down to our plan and get your concrete blocks today!

like we said before both of our blogs come and do different sizes. for the v-bucks we offer it in a size 6x2x2. This block typically weighs about 3,600 lb and that 3x2x2 v- wedge block weighs about 1800 pounds. When transferring these blocks on each trailer about 13 of the 6’ months or even about 26 of the 3’ blocks can be a great fit on the trailer trucks. As for the Lego blocks we offer a five by 2.5 x 2.5 block that weighs about $4,700 lb. We also offered a 2.5 by 2.5 by 2.5 Lego block that Weighs about 2,350 lb.

When it comes to transportation, 10 of the 5’ blocks or even 20 of the 2.5’ blocks can fit onto a trailer bed. The reason that Concrete Bin Blocks SAN BERNARDINO, CA provides these boxes is because there is a wedge on the top and the side of the block, a reverse version of The Wedge on the bottom and opposite side. The wedges can enable each other to block and slide together smoothly. This makes them useful for a number of projects.

The V-wedge block that we provide at Concrete Bin Blocks SAN BERNARDINO, CA as well comes equipped with a rebar handle loop on the top. This Loop can be used for moving these blocks. but as for the Lego blocks, they have an interlocking system that is slightly different. Instead of wedges, they have to sell and Trickle shapes around the top and the block also has two holes of the same size card at the bottom.

if you’re looking to supply either a v – wedge block or even a Lego block for your next project then you have picked the right place visit our website at from there you can visit our homepage go to locations as well as our products and our project gallery and read more about us you can also go online to schedule a free quote today. Also don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call 909-756-2882 or one of our concrete block supplies Associates will be more than happy to help you and assist you in any questions you may have.

Concrete Bin Blocks SAN BERNARDINO, CA| the best concrete blocks around

Do you wonder why your project is not getting finished? is it because you don’t have concrete blocks to finish your product that you’re trying to get done near the future. Well worry no more because Concrete Bin Blocks SAN BERNARDINO, CA Has two different concrete blocks that we can provide to you for your next project here and sanBernardino California. so quit hesitating on completing that project and come get you some concrete blocks today.

Most of our locations only provide the wedge block and not many of them also provide the v-weds as well as the Lego block. Even if you’re not located in the exact city of San Bernardino, don’t worry we still have you covered! Some of the cities that we also provide to nearby are Ontario, Crestline, upland, Mira loma, baymount, Fontana, riverside, redlands, Santa ana, and many more located in the California area.

We want you to fall in love with our concrete blocks here at Concrete Bin Blocks SAN BERNARDINO, CA ensuring that they get your job done quickly, safely as well as efficiently. So if you are looking for someone to provide you and your project with nothing but exceptional customer service, affordable, as well as environmentally friendly concrete block products, then you have come to the right place. Our friendly and experienced team is here to help you!

We provide the best concrete barrier blocks and send bernardino. regardless of what name you may know them by, our concrete blocks have all sorts of names. Some of the names we commonly use within our business here at Concrete Bin Blocks SAN BERNARDINO, CA include the following, interlocking v-blocks, Large concrete retaining wall blocks, stackable concrete blocks, as well as gravity wall blocks. some people around even call them leftover concrete blocks, Mafia blocks, ecology blocks, been blocks, barrier blocks, Soldier blocks, as well as storage wall blocks. of course there’s still a ton of names out there, so if you have someone that you have heard and we don’t know about please let us know so we can add them to the list. when it comes to transporting these blocks either 13 of the 6-inch blocks or even 20 of the three inch blocks can fit in a trailer with what we do.

You can read more about our services on our homepage at from there you can also view our locations, our products as well as our project gallery and our blog. You can even fill out an application for a free quote today. You could also give us a call at 909-756-2882 wearing one of our concrete supply blog Associates will be more than happy to assist you in any questions that you may have regarding our blogs in the local send Bernardino California area. Our friendly Associates would love to provide you with not only our blogs but some fun facts regarding the city that you are in so please take the time to not only view our project Gallery, purchase our products and also find out a few fun facts about the amazing city that you live in that we share with this world.