Are you ready to start on your next project today but I need new concrete block supplies to get it done? Well no fear here at Concrete Bin Blocks SAN ANTONIO, TX we have the best concrete blocks you will ever use and San Antonio texas. One of the cool things about concrete blocks is how many names they have, especially in the States of texas. when it comes to different people, places, and work sites that can be a various use of names for our blocks. Here in San Antonio we are specifically very popular and known in many other states all around the US at our concrete block supply plants. It’s one of the most common, effective, and easy to use concrete blocks in the United states.

We have three different styles of this V – wedge block. These three different styles will offer you a selection that is equipped for any type of project. The first style is a 4x2x2 block that weighs about 2400 lb. The next block would be our 4x2x2 block weighing no more than 2400 lb as well but this one comes with a decorative cobblestone face. The third style is a bit larger and it measures up to no bigger than 6x2x2 weighing about 3,600 lbs. This block also comes with a decorative cobblestone face. 13 of the 6-in blocks can fit on a 5-in trailer. 18 of the 4-inch blocks can be fit as well; each book comes equipped with a simple interlocking system.

On the top in the side of the blocks is a typical V – wedge, while the bottom and opposite sides have reverse versions of the wedge. These allow the blocks to slide together and connect. In addition, the top of the block has a rebar handle Loop which can be used to maneuver the blocks. If you think that you need any of these sizes our plant at Concrete Bin Blocks SAN ANTONIO, TX can provide you the necessary size blocks that you may need for your next project.

While having a handful of different names, our company Concrete Bin Blocks SAN ANTONIO, TX has made a list of the different names of the blocks that have been used for many different projects in communities, businesses, as well as any projects located anywhere. some of these concrete blocks are often overlooked but they do play a very important part in a few of the areas of the community such as the creation of Ben’s used for storage, the element storage for Road districts, retaining walls made from concrete, anchor waits for 10, feel slash propane tanks protection, controlling traffic, and managing parking lots.

If you’re looking to purchase your new concrete block today and one of the three sizes that San Antonio has to offer please visit our website and click on locations, scroll down to Texas and click on San Antonio and you can read all about us and the San Antonio location at If you would like to schedule a phone consultation with us and maybe even see about getting a free Frozen please contact our phone number at 726-240-7783 and one of our concrete block supplies Associates will be more than happy to assist you in any questions that you may have.

Concrete Bin Blocks SAN ANTONIO, TX| Texas concrete made

Do you need new concrete to finish that project you’ve been working on? Well that’s not a problem because Concrete Bin Blocks SAN ANTONIO, TX as a v – wedge block that is available in three different sizes for you. depending on whether you are working on a community project, a business project, or even just a personal project. concrete blocks are made for many different purposes and have played an important part in a few areas of our community.

So tell us did you already have a plan in mind when it comes to transporting your bin blocks and Austin Texas? well don’t worry about that because we do have two different procedures whether it is to pick up our delivery. we want you to be able to feel confident and either of these methods so we would love to assist you in picking up or are you there delivering your concrete blocks.

If you are picking up from Concrete Bin Blocks SAN ANTONIO, TX , you will need to give us a call and we will help set up a date and time to go to this facility for your pickup. We do ask that you bring straps and or chains in order to secure the blocks onto your trailer.

Secondly, our company Concrete Bin Blocks SAN ANTONIO, TX also provides delivery. Delivery there are a few requirements that must be met. First off, in order for our delivery truck to enter and exit your drop off locations last night there must be at least 48 to 53 in space available. If your job off location doesn’t meet that requirement then we can discuss another nearby location and use similar equipment to relocate and block the desired location. you must have an adequate enable amount when it comes to your equipment. Pressure Machinery must be able to reach at least up to seven feet and high because the trailer will be 5 ft in height while each block is 2 ft in height. Second, depending on what type of size block that is being delivered, your machine must be able to lift up to between 3600 and 2400 lb.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our concrete block supplies at our plant then please visit our website at from there you’ll be able to visit our homepage and read more about our location and our products that we provide for you. you will be able to take a look into our photo project gallery and read more about our blog as well as get signed up for a free quote. If you would rather speak to one of our friendly concrete block of supplies Associates then please give us a call at 726-240-7783 where they will be more than happy to supply you with any information or answer any questions that you may have.