Are you ready to be provided with the best concrete barrier blocks that Concrete Bin Blocks RICHMOND, VA has to offer? then you are in the right place because we have all the supplies you need when it comes to your concrete projects. whether you are using your concrete blocks for storage bins, anchor weights for large tents, road district materials, and other projects. We have the tools necessary for you to get your job done quickly, efficiently, as well as safely.

? We want to let you know that we do use the most common block that you can find at any of our concrete block supply plans anywhere in the us. That block is called a v wedge block. These blocks can get their name because of their special ability to interlock with one another. He’s blocked us. We have four wedges, those wedges can be found on the top and on the side as well as the inverted version of The Wedge can be found on the bottom and the opposite side. This enables them to slide together smoothly and efficiently. These blocks also come with rebar handle loops. These rebar handle Loops make it a lot easier to transport your blocks without any special rigging equipment .

We do offer these blocks in two different sizes here at our plant Concrete Bin Blocks RICHMOND, VA. The first size would be a 6x2x2 block that weighs about 3,600 lb. When it comes to transporting this 3x2x2 block the trailer can only carry up to 26 of the blocks. When it comes to our 3x2x2 block that weighs up to 1800 pounds, you can carry up to 13 of these blocks on your trailer bed.

After you purchase of your blocks at Concrete Bin Blocks RICHMOND, VA there will be two ways to receive them. The first way will be by pickup. All you have to do with our pickup requirements is to call in and schedule a time and date on when you want to come pick your blocks up. When you come and pick up your blocks one of our team members will be able to load the blocks onto your trailer for you. However, you will need to make sure that you provide any extra straps and or chains to make sure that your blocks are securely tied down to your trailer bed.

the other way to receive your blocks with me by delivery. When it comes to delivery you must have a space of 47 to 53 inches available so that your deliveries and Mike can safely enter and exit the drop off zone. If you don’t have this much space then we can discuss dropping off the blocks at another nearby area using smaller equipment to transport them to the actual site. you must be able to have the proper block offloading equipment that is capable of offloading your blocks. If you visit our website at you will be able to read more about our services and as far as the pickup and drop off requirements when it comes to purchasing your new concrete block supplies through us. you can also contact at 804-964-3542. one of our Associates will be more than happy to assist you in the process as far as purchasing your brand new concrete block supplies today!

Concrete Bin Blocks RICHMOND, VA| building Richmond with the best Blocks available

We know it’s hard to find A reliable supplier that will make sure that you get your job done every single time. That’s why at Concrete Bin Blocks RICHMOND, VA we have the materials you need to ensure a successful end project. If you need affordable and available concrete blocks then you have stepped into the right place. we want to provide to you nothing but the best service that you will receive when it comes to picking up any type of equipment for your concrete job for you.

There are a few different names that we go by for our blocks which can be narrowed down to bin blocks, barrier blocks, Mafia blocks, jumbo blocks, as well as ecology blocks. A few of our other plants may use the names as Lego blocks, soldier blocks, waste blocks, interlocking v-blocks, storage wall blocks, stackable concrete blocks, as well as large concrete retaining wall blocks. This is just a basic block vocabulary that’s not limited and if you have any more names that you would like to add to the list please let us know.

Not only do our blocks come in different shapes, sizes, colors, as well as names but they have different uses as well. Our team here at Concrete Bin Block RICHMOND, VA uses our blocks and our area for different projects such as storage bins, fuel/ propane tank protection,Anchor weights for large tents, storage for road district materials, concrete retaining walls, General weight, and traffic control. in other areas they might use our blocks for Concrete Bin Blocks RICHMOND, VA utilities security, parking lot management, property separation as well.

after you purchase your blocks from Concrete Bin Blocks RICHMOND, VA. There are a couple of Ways to receive your blocks. The first way is pick up. When it comes to the pickup you must be able to call our plant and we will discuss a time and date for you to come pick up your blocks. When you do come pick up your blocks we will lose them on the trailer for you. However, you must be able to provide your own straps as well as chains in order for them to be secured onto the trailer.

If you have any more questions or want to read more about us and our concrete supply facilities then you can visit our website at You can also contact their phone number at 804-964-3542. one of our super friendly Associates will be more than happy to get you set up with a free quote as well as making your first purchase towards your concrete block supply today, happy building!