Are you trying to build something and you need concrete blocks to build them will look no further because Concrete Bin Blocks Phoenix, Az has the concrete blocks that you need to build your next project. We provide 10 blocks and Phoenix arizona. These bosses can be used for all different types of projects both large and small scale. These blocks are especially equipped so that they can interlock together which can be useful for a number of different projects. so if you’re ready to start working on your project today use our services so we can help you make the most out of that creation of yours

We offer a few different sizes of blocks for the City of Phoenix. The first size is a 6 x 2 x2 block that was about 3600 lb. The next size is a 3 x 2 x 2 block that weighs about 1800 lb. These blogs are useful because of the way they interlock with one another. by using their v- wedges on each block this enables them to slide together smoothly and efficiently. Each block has a total of four v-wedges. The first wedge is on the top, the second wedge on the side, and an interview version of The Wedge on the bottom and opposite side of the block. Each block has a red bar handle loop on its top. This handle Loop makes it easier to move these blocks around without the use of complicated rigging equipment.

When transporting these blocks from Concrete Bin Blocks Phoenix, Az to each trailer they can carry at least 13 of the 6’ blocks and 26 or so of the 3’ blocks. also offering a 5 x 2.5 x 2.5 blocks Always about 4,7000 lbs or 20 of the 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 blocks that also have an option to an installable plan or decorative face. when we put these two blocks together with another Lego block it allows the blocks to be interconnected and attached.

We provide concrete barrier blocks at Concrete Bin Blocks Phoenix, Az. These blocks are similar to Lego blocks and in fact they actually have the ability to interlock together as well. This can be very helpful for many projects. at the top of these blocks instead of a cylindrical shape it has two domes. The bottom of these blocks have an indent of the same Dome shape as well following each block to slide together with another. These blocks also have a rebar handle Loop to help make moving these blocks way easier as well. each trailer can carry about 13 of the six blocks or 18 of the four blocks.

If you have any more questions or would like further information regarding either of these blocks that we provide in Phoenix, Arizona, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 602-887-2990. You can also visit our website at Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on Arizona and then the City Phoenix.

Concrete Bin Blocks Phoenix, Az| get your concrete blocks today in Phoenix

Great concrete blocks that we provide at Concrete Bin Blocks Phoenix, Az! With that we also provide Lego blocks, which can be helpful for many different projects. So what are these blocks used for, you ask? These boxes have very many uses. some of our customers and other Industries have used the blocks for aggregate storage bins, retaining walls, barriers to direct traffic and/or parking, property access prevention, building protection, anger weights for 10th, area division, utility protection, barriers for propane tanks or other above ground field takes as well as boundary lines for properties.

The Lego style blogs are built in many ways that are easily interlocked with other blocks allowing for flexible configurations especially when using the floor half block at Concrete Bin Blocks Phoenix, Az. acquire the blocks. Most of our suppliers offer delivery or pickup. The first option is that we can arrange for a flatbed or am I to deliver the blocks to your job site. Once a truck arrives at your job site you will need to have equipment on side to offload the blocks yourself at your job site location. The heavy equipment you will need at the timeTo deliver the blocks must be able to lift 3,600 lb or 4,700 lb for the V – wedge blocks.

for the Lego blocks at Concrete Bin Blocks Phoenix, Az the deck height of the flatbed needs to be 5 in and the blocks either needs to be 2 in or 2.5 in height. This is so the removal equipment will be able to reach up high enough to pick up the blocks from the trailer deck. Of course all of our blocks have a rebar Loop handle that is located on the top so that way it is easy to attach and chain them as well as move them. no , special rigging equipment will be required for these blocks.

The next option would be for you to pick up the blocks at a local plant yourself. We do arrange the day and time for you to come pick them up from your preferred location. Once you receive the concrete block plant the blocks will be loaded onto your trailer for you. Do you remember to bring straps and change to secure your Bim blocks to your trailer? after you will be responsible for the removal of the blocks from your trailer to your job site. The only difference is there is a lacking system consisting of two cylindrical shapes on top of the block and two holes in the bottom of the block instead of wedges. These blocks come in two sizes as well, just like the view edge blocks they come in the size of 6x2x2 that weighs 3,600 lb and a 4x2x2 that weighs 2400 lb.

Please contact us with any questions regarding your requirements for either job site delivery or local pickup at this number 602-887-2990. You can also visit our website at
you can click on locations, scroll down to the bottom to Arizona and click on phoenix. If you are ready to start building that project that you’ve been holding back on waiting longer, contact us today and we will get you set up with your brand new concrete blocks.