Are you stuck on a project and don’t know where to go to get concrete blocks to finish your project or even your construction sites project? then fear no more and come on down to Concrete Bin Blocks HOUSTON, TX. yes that’s right providing concrete blocks for only the best of the best. We want to be able to help you succeed in your next construction site projects with some of the best concrete blocks in Houston Texas. so no more whining about the project not getting Complete because here we are here to help you complete that project.

If you’re looking to work on your next personal project or even construction site with concrete blocks then here in Houston Texas we provide bin blocks for you. we know that you will most likely know these blocks by different names but however we created a list of the more commonly used names within our business. so feel free to familiarize yourself with them. We have called them waste blocks, jumbo blocks, ecology blocks, Lego blocks, been blocks, Mafia blocks, barrier blocks, Soldier blocks, leftover concrete blocks, Storage storage wall blocks, large concrete retaining wall blocks, as well as interlocking v-blocks.

The thing that makes the concrete barrier block so popular here at Concrete Bin Blocks HOUSTON, TX would be our V – wedge blocks which are very common and very other known states that have a concrete block supply plant. Please be wedge blocks are unique from the way they interlock with one another. Each of these blocks has a total of 4V -wages. You can locate these wedges on the top, on the side, and then an introverted version of The Wedge can be found on the bottom, and the opposite. These wages enable blocks to slide and interlock together smoothly as well as easily. Another really cool feature that each block has is the rebar handle Loop installed onto its top. This makes blocks a lot easier to move around.

​​ We provide these blocks in two different sizes only at Concrete Bin Blocks HOUSTON, TX. The first size would be a 6x2x2 block that weighs about 3,600 pounds and the other block would be a 3x2x2 block that weighs about 1800 pounds. As far as transporting these blocks you’ll either need 13 of the 6-in blocks or even 26 of the 3-in blocks that will be able to fit per trailer.

If you want to learn more about our services and where we are located and want to learn more about the type of blocks that we carry right here in Houston Texas please visit our website at you can also contact with one of our friendly concrete block supplies Associates 346-651-1806 where we can get you a free quote set up today.

Concrete Bin Blocks HOUSTON, TX| getting our Houston projects done with concrete

Do you want to be the best of the best when it comes to your personal projects or maybe even your construction site projects? Maybe to be the best of the best you need to purchase some concrete blocks through our Concrete Bin Blocks HOUSTON, TX. knowing that you need to finish that project within the next couple months but can’t because you don’t have all them necessary equipment or materials to do so. that’s why we are here to help you and provide you with the best concrete blocks Houston Texas has to offer

yep that’s right here at our plant we provide some of the best concrete block supplies that you will get in Houston Texas for your next project. We want to make sure that we can help you get your project done efficiently and quickly as well as safely with our new and improved concrete block supply. we provide these blocks only in Houston Texas which you might know the most different names. Our main name for these blocks are called The v- wedge block. you might hear some of our customers call them the waste block, the jumbo block, the ecology block, the Lego blocks, as well as many other blocks known to man

We want you to feel special here at Concrete Bin Blocks HOUSTON, TX. We want you to be able to trust us when it comes to purchasing our blocks for your next project. So what kind of blocks do we have, you ask? Like we said before, we have the v- wedge blogs that come in two sizes in the city of houston. the 6x2x2 block size that weighs about 3,600 lb. and we also have the 3x2x2 block that weighs about 1800 lb.

So you looking to have the best projects around in Houston Texas or even provide the best blocks purchased from ​​Concrete Bin Blocks HOUSTON, TX? well then wait no longer and come on down and purchase you a concrete block today. Our purpose for serving these blocks have been utilized in both large and small projects all over the nation. There’s an endless amount of ways that concrete blocks can be used, so if you’re looking for some ideas, here are some more common ways our blocks have been used. from concrete retaining walls, to parking lot management, to traffic control, General way, fuel / propane tank protection, road district material storage, utilities security, storage bins as well as property separation / privacy and anchor waits for large tents.

If you feel like you’re in need of a new concrete block and need the supply today so you can get your project finished please visit our website at from there you can fill out an application for a free quote check out our homepage and view our locations. to see more information about our concrete block supply in Houston Texas you can always go to the top of the page at locations scroll down click on Texas and then houston. from there you will be able to see what kind of products we provide for our clients. you can also give us a call at 346-651-1806 where one of our friendly concrete box supplies Associates will be more than happy to help you with your next project