We want to provide you with the best Concrete Bin Blocks DETROIT, MI has around. Are you looking to work on your next construction project but nowhere to go for concrete blocks to get it done? well guess what you are in the right place! We provide one block in Michigan that comes in two sizes and that block is called a B- wedge block. This block is very common in many other states at our local concrete block supply stores. so if you are in Detroit Michigan and you need a v – which block to get the job done on your next project then don’t hesitate to give us a call

The movie wedge block that we provide comes in two different sizes for this location. The first size is a 6x2x2 block which weighs about 3,600 pounds and 13 of them can find one truck. and the second size block that we have is a 3x2x2 block which is about 1,800 lb and 26 of the blocks can fit on a trailer truck. The reason they are called The Wedge blocks is because of their signature v-wages. the signature V – registered as their interlocking system. all blocks have two sets of the dash wedges and usually you can find them located at the top and the side on one in the bottom and the side on the other.

The set of wedges enable blocks to slide together smoothly and easily and here at Concrete Bin Blocks DETROIT, MI it makes them useful for a number of projects. In addition to these blocks they also have a rebar handle Loop located at the top of the block. These rebar handles can be used for moving blocks around. along with having many different names, our concrete blocks also have different uses.

We Believe here at Concrete Bin Blocks DETROIT, MI Our concrete blocks will make a great addition to any project whether it’s a personal project, or even a community project. some ways that are blocks have been put to good use include storage bins, parking lot management, traffic controls, General wight, storage bins, parking lot management, traffic controls, General way, fuel/propane tanks, Your weights for tents, concrete retaining walls, property separation, road district storage, as well as utilities security.

if you are in the nearby Detroit area and you need a supply of concrete blocks for your next project please visit our website at BinBlockSupply.com from there you will be able to visit our homepage as well as see our nearby locations by locating the location tab at the top of the page scrolling down to Michigan and clicking on detroit. You can also view our project Gallery, are badass, read about our blog and even sign up to get a free quote today. You can also reach us at 313-210-1222 or one of our concrete block supplies Associates will be more than happy to help you and assist you in any questions you may have.

Concrete Bin Blocks DETROIT, MI| Detroit has the best bin blocks around

Come on down and check out all of our Concrete Bin Blocks DETROIT, MI has to offer. Detroit has some of the best concrete blocks around. Whether you’re working on a personal project, or a construction site project, we have The best concrete block around! so if you’re looking to purchase a v-word blog then Detroit Michigan provides it. RV – wedge block comes in two different sizes for this location. This block can be found in many other locations anywhere at our concrete block supply plants. So what are you waiting for to come get your concrete block today!

The first size at our location is a 6x2x2 block which weighs about 3,600 pounds. This block also comes in a 3x2x2s size which weighs about 1800 lb. The 6x2x2 block can only fit 13 on a truck trailer bed. and I have 3x2x2 blocks that can fit up to 26 on a truck trailer bed.. you can either have these blocks delivered or you can come pick them up. First, we will discuss delivery. For our delivery process to go smoothly and safely there will be a few basic requirements that must be met for your job website.

The first requirement that Concrete Bin Blocks DETROIT, MI expects you to meet for your job outside is that you must have the right block off holding equipment on site for when the delivery truck arrives. with the blocks being 2’ in height and the trailer being 5’ in height Your equipment must be able to reach a height of 7’ or more. hair equipment must be able to withstand carrying weight that is up to $3,600 lb or even 1800 pounds, depending on the size of the block you’re having delivered. These blocks came up to $2,400 pounds and you can lift up to 18 blocks on a truck that we drive to you.

you are offloading site must have a space of 47’-53’ available at the delivery can properly and safelyUntil next episode. Our workers at Concrete Bin Blocks DETROIT, MI Old discuss a new location nearby and surrounding areas if this much space is not available. If you decide to pick up your concrete blocks you will need to come to our plant. Please bring along a set of straps / chains so that we can secure the Box to the trailer bed safely. Our team will unload the box into the trailer for you so you won’t need to worry about that part.

now that you have a little more information about our concrete block supplies that are Supply the end Michigan and maybe interested in purchasing some concrete blocks for your next project please check out our website BinBlockSupply.com where you can read more about us and Fender products as well as our project gallery and our location you can also give us a call at 313-210-1222 where one of our friendly concrete block supply Associates will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding our concrete blocks at our plant.