Are you looking for Concrete Bin Blocks Des Moines, IA blocks that are going to be the best option for your project? Then let us tell you about Concrete Block Supply. We have many different options available for you, but we would like for you to check out the sizes that we have for our Lego blocks. There are many different sizes that we have, so be sure to let our Representatives know what you need. If you need heavy-duty products, we have what you are looking for.

Our Concrete Bin Blocks Des Moines, IA Lego blocks are going to be one of the best options that you can receive from Concrete Block Supply as they are available to work on many different projects. understand that these types of blocks are equipped to interlock meaning that they are going to be able to stick together for the type of project that you need. They are able to do so due to two cylindrical shapes that are on the top of the block and there are going to be two engraved holes on the bottom.

As you can see, our Concrete Bin Blocks Des Moines, IA Lego blocks of Concrete Block Supply are going to stay intact for years to come if you want them for you as they are extremely heavy and they lock into place. They come in a life-size version and they are just like little plastic Lego blocks. If you can imagine that Lego blocks stick together, then that is exactly the reason for our concrete Lego blocks. These blocks are obviously going to be much bigger in size and they are going to waste so much more than what you will find at the toy store, but we know that you will be happy to use them.

utilizing an interlocking system when it comes to your block products is going to be one of the best options you can have. That is why we would like for you to reach out to the Professionals of Concrete Block Supply today so we can help you put it together easily and smoothly. If you were looking to secure one block to another, then we would love to help you with this type of process by giving you all the information and tricks available.

get a hold of one of our Representatives who can give you an understanding of Lego blocks when you reach out to Concrete Block Supply today. you can be able to give them a call when you dial the number 833-763-1711. We would love to be able to answer any questions that you may have as well as provide you with Insight information on what to expect from a company. If you would like to see the different sizes of blocks for yourself, then do not have to go online to our website, which is We know that you are going to love everything that we have.

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Special Concrete Bin Blocks Des Moines, IA Lego blocks are going to be found here at Concrete Block Supply, so why would you want to go anywhere else? Understand that we have two different sizes whenever it comes to the specific block that is going to be beneficial for a variety of projects. If you are interested in a full-size block, just know that it is going to measure 5 ft by 2 and 1/2 ft by two and a half feet and it is going to weigh about 4700 lb. Let us know if this is the option for you.

however, the other Concrete Bin Blocks Des Moines, IA sizes of Lego blocks that Concrete Block Supply has is our half-size block which is going to measure two and a half feet by 2 1/2 ft by 2 1/2 feet this block is going to weigh in at about 2,350 pounds and will be easy to transport and deliver to your location. Even if you are picking these up, just know that 10 of the full-size blocks are going to fit the trailer while 20 of the half-size blocks can fit in the trailer.

It is helpful to reach out to our Concrete Bin Blocks Des Moines, IA professional so we can help you understand what to expect when it comes to picking up these blocks at our location as well as delivery in blocks. This means that if you were going to have these blocks delivered to you you are going to need the type of equipment to be able to take them off our truck. Have no fear as they are also going to have a rebar loop on the top so you can easily get it off of our trailer.

find the weight and the sizing of the specific product you are looking for when you reach out to the representatives of Concrete Block Supply. We know that you are going to appreciate the information that we have and we are going to stress that if you are receiving delivery you need heavy-duty equipment to get them off of our truck. Because our delivery trailer is usually 5 feet off the ground, and usually the blocks are two feet, you are going to need an appointment that can reach up to a height of at least 7 ft. We will make sure you have what you need.

give us a call today at the number 833-763-1711 and speak with a representative of Concrete Block Supply today. We will have all the different dimensions and sizes of specific blocks for you, but if you would like to see that for yourself be sure to go online to our website today at We are looking forward to discussing the different blocks and types that we have and we would like to give you answers and information so your project is going to be in the best hands possible. you’ll be able to finish on time.