Are you wondering what it is going to take to get your project done on time? maybe you know what it takes but you don’t know where to go to make sure you have every Supply possible to complete that project. Well no worries because here at Concrete Bin Blocks CLEVELAND, OH we have just the right concrete block supplies that will get your project up and running in no time. We want to make sure that you are provided with the best and most reliable concrete blocks that are in the city. So pick up the phone and give us a call because we want to provide you nothing but the best because we believe that you are the best.

So here in the city of Cleveland we provide what is called the red block. This block is very common and known to many other concrete block supply plants all around the world. These blocks are very useful because of the special way they interlock with one another. He’s black has a total of 4V wedges. One of the view wedges is located on the top and one of the sides and in an introverted version needs the other side and the bottom of the block. We do offer these block models and a size of a 6x2x2 model that also weighs no more than 3600 lb. when it comes to transporting these blocks they can fit up to 13 per trailer. also not to mention that this block has a rebar handle Lube installed on the top. With this rebar Loop handle this makes it easier to move the blocks around without using any complicated rigging equipment.

We provide these concrete blocks in Ohio because in Our plant at Concrete Bin Blocks CLEVELAND, OH we have used these blocks for all sorts of projects. no matter the project is large or small, personal or a community project. We use these blocks for many different purposes. For example, some of those projects include storage mint, anchor waits for large dents, General way, concrete retaining walls, road district storage, property separation. and other places they may be used for utility storage, parking lot management, traffic control, as well as Fuel and or propane tank protection.

so after you purchase your blocks there are two ways to receive them here at Concrete Bin Blocks CLEVELAND, OH. The first way is delivery, you must have the proper blocking offloading equipment. in order to probably upload the blocks once they arrive this equipment must be able to do two things which is be able to withstand carrying weight of your blocks up to 3600 lb. and must be able to reach a height of 7 ft. lastly in order for the delivery to go smoothly you must have space between 47 and 53 ft available in order for the truck to enter an exit the site safely.

The second way to receive your blocks will be in the form of pickup. you first just need to get someone to call. Someone from my team will gladly set you up with the day and time to come pick up your blocks from our plant. We will load the blocks up for you but we do ask that you bring a set of straps and or change that we can use to secure the blocks to the trailer. If you have any more questions or want to read more about our services you can check out our website at or you can feel free to give us a call at 216-480-8519. Our team will be more than happy to get you set up with a free quote as well as answer any questions that you may have about our services.

Concrete Bin Blocks CLEVELAND, OH| changing Cleveland one block at a time

Are you tired of waiting around for someone to provide you with concrete blocks for your next project? I will wait no more because here at Concrete Bin Blocks CLEVELAND, OH we have the concrete that you need that is going to help you and your projects. We want to make sure that you get the most efficient and best quality concrete block supplies you have ever received in your life. so pick up the phone and give us a call today because we are here to help you with your next project.

Here at our plan we carry one type of concrete bin block. That block that we carry here at our plant is called a v / wedge block. This block is not only special but it’s useful because of its interlocking system to interlock within one another. The spot comes in his eyes of a 6x2x2 model that weighs no more than 3,600 lb.

we want to let you know that there are two different options when it comes to picking up your blocks here at Concrete Bin Blocks CLEVELAND, OH. The first option would be for a delivery. With our delivery we do have a few requirements. First he must be able to have the proper block off loading equipment in order to probably upload the blocks once they arrive. unless equipment must be able to do two different things. The first thing is that it must be able to withstand carrying the weight of your blocks no more than 3,600 lb. second They reach a height of seven feet or more. If you do not have this much space available on your truck you must let us know so we can plan a different drop off spot with smaller equipment.

You are more than welcome to also pick up your concrete block supply here at Concrete Bin Blocks CLEVELAND, OH plant. When it comes to the pickup, all you have to do is give us a call. one of our family Associates will set a day and a time for you to come pick it up. great news we will load the blocks onto your trailer for you however, you must be able to provide straps and or change to tie down the blocks onto the trailer bed.

If you are interested in buying your concrete block supply today here at our plant in Cleveland Ohio then please give us a call at 216-480-8519. or you can visit our website at where you can read more about our services.