Do you need a supply of concrete then blocks but don’t know where to get them? Well that is why Concrete Bin Blocks Charlotte, NC is the place for you. Our team wants to make sure that you have the materials needed to create and work on the best project that you have ever worked on in your life. We want to ensure you that your projects will be able to get done quickly, efficiently, and safely with our supplies. Please come on by and visit our plant today and we will provide you with the best concrete black Supply that you have ever used. We are very affordable and reliable . Another great thing about our company is that we are located all around the United States and delivered to areas within your city no more than 2 hours away.

regardless of the name that you know them by and Charlotte North Carolina, we provide concrete barrier blocks and all sorts of different names. The only difference is that these blocks all had different shapes and sizes. Some of these blocks that are more commonly used within our business would be storage wall blocks, leftover concrete blocks, large concrete retaining wall blocks, gravity blocks, stackable concrete to block, interlocking v-blocks. Humans also know them as jumbo blocks, Soldier blocks, Ben blocks, Mafia blogs, very blocks, Lego blocks, waste blocks, and as well as ecology blocks. I concrete blocks names are not limited to their vocabulary so if you do have any other names that you are more familiar with please let us know so we can add them to our list!

We know exactly how you should expect to receive your blocks after purchasing them. There are two ways you can purchase your blocks whether you are picking up or getting your blocks delivered from Concrete Bin Blocks Charlotte, NC. When it comes to picking up your blocks you must first Make a call to one of our Associates and we will set up a time and date for you to come pick up your blocks. After the phone call, we need to come to our plant to pick up the blocks. One of our team members will be more than happy to load the blocks onto your trailer for you but in order to secure the blocks down, we ask that you provide your own set of chains and or straps to ensure that the blocks are secured down onto the bed.

When it comes to Delivering your blocks from Concrete Bin Blocks Charlotte, NC. We have a few requirements to make sure that your blocks are being delivered safely and efficiently. First you will need to make sure you have the proper offloading equipment that is available to offload your blocks once they arrive. your Machinery must be able to do two things. one, it must be able to withstand carrying the weight of your blocks that are between 1800 and 3600 lb. I think that you must be able to reach a height of 7 ft. Third you must have an adequate amount of space for the delivery truck to enter and exit the drop off site. If you do not have a lot of space that is intended at your drop-off area we can discuss dropping off your blocks at another nearby location with our smaller equipment to transport the blocks to your spot that you would have dropped off at originally.

if you think that our services may be for you and you want to be the best at what you do when it comes to building your projects big or small. Please contact us at 980-748-4422. If you would like to read more about our services which you can find in the job box at the top of the page please visit our website at

Concrete Bin Blocks Charlotte, NC| Charlotte is here for you and your needs

Are you ready to work on that project that you’ve been holding off on for months simply because you didn’t have all the materials to get it done with. If you need concrete blocks to work on that project that you are holding off on, you can come to our plant Concrete Bin Blocks Charlotte, NC. Our team wants to ensure that you have the best materials needed for your project due in the next few months. We also want to ensure that you are successful and everything you do so with that being said we want to help be successful with you by providing you with concrete block supply today.

Charlotte North Carolina we use a black that is very common and most of our plants at concrete block supply in the United states. This block is called AV wedge block. The reason this block has been used at some of the plants it’s because it can be used in so many different ways, especially because they have the fish and sea to easily interlock together. by using these blocks they have the ability to slide together smoothly and efficiently. Each block has a total of four wedges on the top, on the side and then inverted wedges on the bottom and the side. In addition each of these blocks have a rebar handle at the top of the block which makes it easier to move and not allow you to use any complicated rigging equipment.

We offered two sizes here at our plant Concrete Bin Blocks Charlotte, NC. The first size that we offer is a 6x2x2 block that weighs no more than 3600 lb. this 6x2x2 block can’t fit up to 13 blocks on a trailer.

we have used our Concrete Bin Blocks Charlotte, NC, all over the surrounding area for many different projects such as road district storage, traffic control, parking lot management, fuel/ propane tank protection, utility security, storage bins, anchor weights, property separation, creating concrete retaining walls, as well as general weight.

If you are curious and are interested in purchasing one of our concrete blocks today then please visit our website at where you can get signed up with a free quote today. You can also give us a call at 980-748-4422 we’re one of our Associates or will be more than willing to answer any questions that you may have regarding our concrete block suppliers. trying