Are you worried about your next project not getting done in the time frame that it’s supposed to be done all because you are missing a few items to complete your project? Well that is why AT Concrete Bin Blocks ARLINGTON, VA we have a great selection of concrete blocks guaranteed to help you get the job done. it’s a no-brainer when it comes to where to go for concrete bin blocks. All of our Specialists are here and ready to help you and assist you and your next project by providing you with the equipment needed. So wait no longer and give us a call because we have the concrete that you need right here in arlington.

We have a great selection of concrete blocks but here in Arlington there are many different names that we go by when it comes to our blocks. so to help you out and not get you confused we had put together a list of commonly used block names within our business. If you have any other names you are accustomed to using please let us know what happened to our list!

the Box names that were more commonly used here at Concrete Bin Blocks ARLINGTON, VA include bin blocks, barrier blocks, Mafia blocks, ecology blocks, Soldier blocks, interlocking V blocks, Lego blocks, waste blocks, jumbo blocks, leftover concrete blocks, storage wall blocks, gravity wall blocks, stackable concrete blocks, and last but not least large concrete retaining wall blocks.

So what concrete block are we most known for in arlington? well that’s simple it’s a very common block that is used all over the United States at other concrete block supply plants especially at our Concrete Bin Blocks ARLINGTON, VA. These blocks are called the – wedge blogs. These Blackberries are especially useful because of the way they interlock with one another. by using these wedge blocks each block has a total of for the dash wedges. one of the wedges on the top and one of the wedges on the side, and then an introverted version of the same wedge but it’s on the bottom and opposite side. These wedges enable the blocks to slide together smoothly and efficiently.

If you’re interested in purchasing a v wedge blog and not the Arlington, VA area then please visit our website at From there you can search our locations and get more information on our concrete block supply plant in the Arlington area. You can also give us a call at 571-483-3400 where one of our concrete block supply Associates will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right block for your next project.

Concrete Bin Blocks ARLINGTON, VA| we have the biggest selection of concrete blocks

Are you working on a project soon that requires concrete blocks? look no further you have come to the right place because at Concrete Bin Blocks ARLINGTON, VA we want to provide to you the best, most efficient blocks you have ever used on a project in your life. whether you are working on a big or a small project or whether it’s for personal use or even for a community we want to be able to help you. So please let us know what we can do to accommodate your project’s needs in any way.

As everyone knows, the most common concrete block known to man is the V wedge block. you can find this block almost anywhere at any concrete block supply plant in the United states. This block is one of the top concrete blocks that is commonly ordered and commonly used. super simple to use and the wedges on the Block allow the block to slide together smoothly and efficiently. This block also comes with the rebar handle loop on the top that you can use when transportation. the sizes for Arlington are the 6x2x2 block that weighs about 3600 lb and a .3x2x2 block that weighs about 1800 lb. ask for transportation of these blogs each trailer can fit either 18 of the 6-inch blocks on the trailer. or taking up to 26 of the 3-inch blocks on a trailer bed.

these blocks have all sorts of different uses whether it’s for a large or a small project. some ways people have used for our blocks FROM Concrete Bin Blocks ARLINGTON, VA include concrete retaining walls, anchor weights for large tents, road district material storage, Storage units, Fuel / propane tank protection, Parking lot control management, traffic control, property separation, as well as general weight. there are a few more uses that are concrete blocks use. so if you have any other ideas useful tricks for your concrete blocks please let us know we can add it to the list.

Last but not least, our team at Concrete Bin Blocks ARLINGTON, VA once you to know that we expect for you to receive your concrete blocks once you’ve purchased them. There’s two ways you can retrieve your blocks whether it is delivery or pick up. We will walk you through the delivery process first. the first thing you’ll need to do is have enough space on a delivery semi to safely enter an exit off the job site.. if you do not access this much space we can discuss dropping off the block somewhere else at a nearby location and use the same Machinery the transport the blocks to the actual, desired spot. In order to probably offload your blocks, these blocks in Arlington require at least one with Dan carrying the weight of your blocks no more than 1800 to 3,600 lb and two the blocks must reach a height no more than seven or more inches.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of our concrete blocks then please visit our website at from there you can check out our homepage and our locations and what we provide at each location when it comes to concrete block supply. you can also contact us at
571-483-3400 we’re one of our family Associates and will be more than happy to assist you and your purchase of a concrete block.