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There are many different types of concrete barrier blocks Boston MA materials. The most available block style is what we call the V-wedge. This is a full size block that is 6 ft long 2 ft wide and 2 ft high. It weighs 3,600 lb. It also has a V wedge on the top and on the side. Allows it to connect and interlock into blocks. There’s also a rebar handle loop on the top to be used for picking up the block. This style can also be available in a more compact or square shape.

The other type of concrete barrier blocks Boston MA offers is known as the Lego blocks. This basically looks like a giant Lego with little circle knobs on the top. This block can weigh up to 4,700 lb and has a few holes located on it. These are great for all different types of things. We also are able to offer you these blocks in a plane facade but we can also offer some decorative facades if you are interested in that. Our facets can vary between slate, random rock, River rock, and brick. Therefore, if you would like some fancy styles, you can reach out to us and we will be able to tell you what is available in your area.

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